Washer Toss Tourney! Sept 6th #Sackawa


Nothing better than throwin’ washers and having a cold brewskie!

Visit WWW.SACKAWA.CA  to register or get more info.

Happy tossing!

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Missing Grey Kitten. Mayflower Ave #BeaverBank



“Hi there, just wondering if you could post a missing kitten picture for me? I brought her home about 1pm and she bolted out of the car before I could get her into the house.

I live on Mayflower ave. BEAVERBANK.

She’s a medium-long haired grey/beige dilute tortoiseshell”

—-Message me if you find her, folks!

#Sackville Sea Cadets Accepting New Members Starting 24 Sept.


305 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps
Sackville will be accepting new members starting 24 September!

Cadets ages 12 to 18 in the Sea Cadet program will learn marksmanship, seamanship, sailing, sports and more for free. Uniforms are provided through the program at no cost to the cadet or the parents.

There are many opportunities to learn
and to make new friends who will last a

Cadets will even get the chance to travel Canada at Cadet Summer Training!

305 Sackville is a very active unit
and also an award winning one.
We parade every Wednesday
night from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Leslie
Thomas Junior High School on MetropolitanAvenue in Lower Sackville.

Come out and see what it is all about,
talk to the cadets and see what a great organization it is. Be part of the team.

For further information please contact the Commanding Officer at305sea@cadets.gc.ca!




Corey Pickrem

Lieutenant(N) I Lieutenant de vaisseau

Commanding Officer | Commandant


National Defence | Défense nationale

PO | CP BOX 783 Lower Sackville, N.S.| N.E. B4E-2R0


Telephone |  Téléphone (902) 864-7779

Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada


More Trouble Down At Cash Traders #Sackville Over The Weekend. One Man Charged.

RCMP charge Lower Sackville man with multiple offences , Lower Sackville, N.S.

Halifax District RCMP have laid multiple charges after responding to a break and enter in progress over the weekend.

Just before midnight on Saturday, August 23rd, Lower Sackville RCMP received a call about suspicious activity inside a pawn shop on Sackville Drive. RCMP officers and Police Dog Services responded immediately and were able to arrest an adult male inside the business.

Twenty-six-year-old Richard Perry MacIntrye of Sackville is facing charges of Break, Enter and Theft, Possession of a Prohibited Weapon, Possession of a Weapon Dangerous to the Public, Possession of a Firearm contrary to a Prohibition Order, Breach of Probation, Mischief, and Theft under $5000. He was held in custody over the weekend and will be appearing in Dartmouth Provincial Court today. 

- 30 -

Contact person:

Cpl. Greg Church
RCMP Media Relations Officer
Halifax District RCMP
Office: (902) 490-1497
Cell: (902) 830-5695

Lost Rooftop Carrier! Help Bring It Home:

I just recieved an Email from someone looking for some help. I’ll have contact info soon or you can just message me if you find it. Check it out:

“While driving today our empty roof top carrier (Explorer Sportrack brand) and crossbars (Kia) came off the car somewhere between the 101 (Sackville exit by Weatons) and the bottom of the magazine hill in dartmouth (Akerly Blvd). Would really appreciate it’s return, as we are taking a family trip next week.”


And Just Like That, The Old Place Is Gone! (Pics)

I never paid much attention to this old place-until yesterday!

This is an old house (anyone know how old?) that sat right at the edge of Gates Of Heaven Cemetery on the corner of Sackville Drive and Twelve Mile House Road. Is this Twelve Mile House? If not, what is/was Twelve Mile House? I am not really a big history buff.

I had a commenter on my Fbook page mention the Catholic Church owned the place and a lady lived there up until recently and she helped with the cemetery records.

Can anyone fill us in on the whole story? I wonder what is slated to go in that spot?




-Pics from Cheryl Lucas

Car Meets Sackville Esso. (Pic)


-Pic from A Gannon

OK this was the scene a little over an hour ago down at the Sackville Drive Esso/Timmies. I’m hearing everyone is allright.  Apparently there is an office on the other side of that wall and a fella just got up from his desk a bit before and bam!
Glad to hear no serious injuries occurred!  Gotta keep your head up in parking lots too, folks. This stuff happens fairly often. I have older posts…Goodlife Fitness…National Jewelry….

Here is a little blurb from Metro News:


Local Family Gets Double Hit Of Cancer. Please Have A Read:

Geez, I worked with Jeff’s Mom for years and she passed from cancer recently. Sad stuff. I think everyone should have a read (link below) and help this family out if you can:



Some Saturday Excitement At #Sackville Business Park. Yikes!

Look at this pic Yvette d’Entremont snapped on Saturday.  Whoops!  This is near European Auto (Glendale Ave) around 6 PM. I’m not sure exactly what ‘went down’ here. Well, besides the car….

I wonder if anyone was in it or if it was a roll job?


Gamers! ‘Halifax Scramble S’ Is Approaching:

This (Sackvillians involved with setting it up with Hali peeps) looks like it would be some fun! All classic shooters. Thanks to @Serraxor for letting me know about it!
If interested, check out the Fbook link to the event below:



The Maritime SDF has been tracking another wave of deadly invaders making headway for the Halifax Region! IT’S TIME TO SHOOT ‘EM UP!!


- ReDUX: Dark Matters (Dreamcast)
– DUX 1.5 (Dreamcast)
– Pink Bullets: Last Hope (Dreamcast)
– Fast Striker 1.5 (Dreamcast)
– Gunlord (Dreamcast)
– Neo-XYX (Dreamcast)
– Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst (Xbox 360)
– GeSen Love ~Plus Pengo!~ (Xbox 360)
– Cosmo Gang: The Video (SFC)
– Score Rush (XBLIG)

– Aero Blasters (TG16)
– Pop’n Twinbee (SFC)
– Xona Mystery title? 
– Local indies?

DUX 1.5 Collector’s Edition (Dreamcast)
DUX 1.0 Reprint Edition (Dreamcast, x3)
Pink Bullets: Last Hope (Dreamcast)
Where the Air is Thin (digital album) by Ser Flash

… and possibly more to come!