#Sackville Down One Pizza Shop: Papa Mario’s Is Gone. 

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 Papa Mario’s closed up shop over the weekend. There has always been a super competive pizza environment here in the ‘Sack. 

 Here’s wishing the oeople who ran it the best of luck wwith whatever the future may bring them. 

Just In: James Sheppard Has Been Traded To The Rangers. 

TSN is reporting Sacktown NHLer  James Sheppard has been traded to the Rangers. Closer to home! Good luck to him with the new tean. 

Link to news story: 


Are You Looking For A Cat? Take A Look At This One And His Story: 

 Poor fella. Have a read below and if he suits you, shoot me a message and I can put you in touch with the Watchcats. 

“Hi there, I’m hoping you can help. Watchcats has recently rescued a kitty from the Millwood subdivision, he is a special case. He has been fully vetted and in good health except he has tested positive for feline leukemia. In most cases these positive kitty’s are euthanized, but in Millwood’s case we chose to save him, he is showing no symptoms and can live a normal healthy long life. What is difficult is finding him a home, he needs to be a only kitty or live with other positive cats, this making it a difficult task in finding him a home.  I’m was hoping you could post Millwood on sackvegas with his story to help find him a home.  He is approximately 5-8 years old.”

A Local Family Needs Some Help. Please Donate If You Can Or At Least Share : 

Man, I took this story from the website. The Burke family is going through a rough time. Please have a read and check the link below:

Just days after arriving home overjoyed with their newest family addition, Jenni laid down to calm a nauseating, but understandable headache: she had just given birth and chalked it up to her body’s recovery process. Unfortunately, the headache was a signal of something far more serious happening. She was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered bleeding on the brain, requiring emergency surgery. While Jenni’s body rested in an induced coma, friends and family crowded the waiting area everyday in anticipation for an update on her condition.

Within one week, Jenni & Tony Burke went from celebrating the birth of their second daughter to fighting for Jenni’s life. Four months after a life threatening Hemorrhagic stroke, resulting in two emergency brain surgeries, an induced coma and paralysis on the left side, Jenni is lucky to be learning to walk again.

Today, Jenni resides in the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre where everyday her unbreakable determination to get better for her family takes over. Fortunately, her hard work is paying off! Jenni has movement back in her left leg and is learning to walk again with the assistance of a cane and Physiotherapist. In anticipation of returning home in April, Jenni’s unwavering goal is to have the ability to spend quality time caring for her daughters, to love and support Tony and ultimately to move forward with her life.

If you are from Lower Sackville, it is likely you know the Burke’s. You may have played hockey with Tony, received a hair cut from Jenni or been invited over for a summertime BBQ or annual Christmas party. Over the years, their names have amalgamated into one, simply because Jenni and Tony are one: one friend, one family, one partnership.

While life turned upside down, with too many unknowns to comprehend or tolerate, their partnership never detached. Tony has been at his wife’s side continuously; working around the clock to care for a newborn, be present for an energetic three year old and to encourage his wife during recovery. To Tony and Jenni, it is without question that family comes first.

Unable to work since November 2014, the Burke’s financial security is uncertain. This family is too kind and private to make any fuss or complaints about the pile of bills growing on the countertop or the cost of potential modifications required when Jenni returns home. It is another example that as long as they have each other and their two healthy, happy children; Jenni and Tony have it all.

As their close friends, we would like to attempt to make Jenni and Tony’s life a little easier and possibly relieve some unwelcomed stress. To us, it doesn’t matter exactly how the money is spent. If it helps this deserving family pay some bills, build a ramp or modify a shower; anything that gives them the opportunity to focus on life after a stroke, it would be considered an appreciated success. Our lifetime friends have always been there for us, and now we need to be there for them. Please help Jenni and Tony reclaim their health, happiness and life together. 

I found A Sacktown Artifact! 

 Check this out. I was digging through some old shoeboxes and found this. From the Shoppers Drug Mart at the old Town Centre. I remember  seeing many of these hanging off keychains back in the day! Didn’t they also come in neon green?  I figure this is from the late 80’s. 

 This is in mint condition – probably worth, like, hundreds of pennies! 

St. patrick’s Day Bash! March 14 #Sackville


Missing Dog. #Sackville Manor. Please Share!

Dale A. Moses ▶ sack-vegas.com
Hi Guys,

A really nice young man that we have the pleasure of knowing has sadly lost his dog, who got out of the yard due to a rather high snow bank – I was hoping anybody in the Lower Sackville area would share this flyer in hopes that we can help to re-unite the owner and his dog… If you have any info on Jake, please let us know… I know that all you pet owners out there will understand the grief they are suffering…

Breed or Mix: Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix)
Sex: Male, Age: 2 years
Collar/Tags: Possibly wearing a Blue Collar
Lost on: 02/21/2015
Area: Sackville Manor Trailer Park, 207 Parklane Dr., Lower Sackville, Halifax Co., NS
Additional Notes: Light brown/tan short hair with shaggy face, brown eyes, black nose and small in size. Lots of energy, likes to jump.


Sackville Sports Stadium Abruptly Closes. What’s Up?


I am seeing all over social media the Sackville Sports Stadium is closed until further notice. What’s up? I had a tweeter tell me there is a problem with the roof. Does anyone have any info?

Just heard this : @SHSDanceM: @sack_vegas just cam back from hockey practice. Too much weight on roof. Pipe let go, leaking roof! That was at 1 pm

UPDATE, PSA : “Public Service Announcement
Sackville Sports Stadium closed to fix leaking roof, will re-open Monday, Feb. 23
Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015 (Halifax, NS) – Please be advised that the Sackville Sports Stadium will be closed for the remainder of the day to accommodate required work to remove ice from vents on the roof of the building.
The building was closed this afternoon as a precaution after staff noticed significant leaks throughout the facility, which caused concern of possible damage to the roof. A structural assessment was undertaken immediately following the building closure, which determined the cause of the leaks to be significant ice frozen in and over the vents on the roof.
Municipal property maintenance staff will continue to address this issue over the next day or so, and as a result the building will remain closed at this time and re-open for regular hours on Monday morning, Feb. 23.
Please note the arena will remain closed on Monday for continued maintenance as the ice surface requires additional fixes and re-flooding following the leaks in that area of the building.
The municipality apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this temporary closure and thanks residents and facility members for their patience.”

Mezza #Sackville Is Now Hiring! Mmmm Lebanese Food….


I am excited for this! Check the link below to see about job opportunities at our soon to be newest food place : http://www.mezzarestaurant.com/blog/40

Ready To Rock? Rosewood Annie And Civet Jenny Horror are! #Sackville

Alternative Rock Band Rosewood Annie, a bunch of Sackville kids fresh out of Millwood High School are having a show on February 20th at 8pm with the Grunge band from Sackville called Civet Jenny Horror.

The show is called Rosewood Annie & Civet Jenny Horror at The Lake. The Facebook event page link is below: