Cops Called On #Sackville Woman And Dog. Check This Out:

I have posted a bit of her story here and have a link to her Facebook post below if you care to continue reading and maybe comment on her post.

“Good morning, I am over whelmed with dismay today, as I’ve just come from First Lake Trail and had the police called on me and my dog.

Every morning I take my dog, Molly to the lake at Suckerbrook for a swim before I head to work. Sometimes I take her in the evening after work to for a cool down swim. We have a routine, like most dog owners. I always open the back door of my car and make Molly wait until she is leashed, for safety. Then we head to our favorite swim spot. I unleash her her at the point where we swim and throw the stick in the lake….she swims and brings it back to me. We continue this until she’s tired and or I have been bitten too many times by mosquito’s! 

We then head onto the trail for a walk and then head back to the car. I always clean up after my Molly, as I know how it feels to step in dog doo.

There are a lot of people that use that entrance, walkers, bikes,boaters, swimmers, joggers….and dog owners.

We all park in the designated area for cars and everyone tries to obey by the park rules.

There is a new house at the edge of the lake…. they have built their property up to the lake to enjoy all that area has to offer. 

Today, it was foggy, so there wasn’t a lot of people there. I was throwing the stick into the lake as usual and a man from the new house, only in underwear, starts screaming at me to put my dog on a leash.! Well for the safety of my dog…….”

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#Sackville Motorsports Is Set To Ride Again!

Hey motorcycle fans! I’ve heard rumours that Sackville Motorsports is opening back up. There’s been some renovation activity in the building next door to their previous shop at 1929 Sackville Drive – I’ll update you when I get the opening date!


Treat News: F’real Frozen Goodness 2 for $5 At Cobequid Ultramar!

Ever try these? They are pretty good! I just noticed they are on pretty cheap down at the Cobequid location. Not sure for how long, I’ll try to find out :)


Tom’s Family Restaurant Is Hiring! #Sackville

Looking for a job? Here ya go:


The coolest part about working there would be serving this:


#Sackville Farm Market Now Outdoors Only

Here is the latest status from the peeps at our Farm Market:

“Dear Market friends, due to low customer turnout, the Sackville Farm Market will continue outside in the parking lot, not in the Knox Hall. We hope you will continue to shop local from Noggins Farm and Shani’s Farm every Saturday, 9am-1pm at Knox, 567 Sackville Drive. Many thanks to all the local businesses who supported the Market and travelled great distances to offer our customers quality Nova Scotian products. Buy Local. Eat Fresh!”

Facebook link:

Is This Your Cat? Smokey Drive Area #Sackville


“This yellow eyed beauty has been camping out with us on Smokey drive for the past week or so. Super friendly kitty who doesn’t appear to be very old. if anyone recognizes her please let me know !”

New E-Ciggy Place On #Sackville Drive. The Vapour Trail!

This place popped up across from the bowling alley recently. It’s in the spot where Marlin Pools And Spas stopped in and out for a quick cup of coffee.
If you are into the vape scene – here ya go!



A big welcome to the ‘Sack to The Vapour Trail!

Fish For A Cure Is August 9th !

Grab your tackle boxes and help out a good cause! Check the link below the pic:


Rollin’ In The Sack: Love Car!

Hah, what is this supposed to represent? A fundraiser? Awareness for love? Parents having the kids get out of hand with the fingerpaint?

Many questions!

UPDATE: It’s a car from Evolve


Thanks for the pic Rachel Leeann!

Talking Christmas Tree News: “Al Pine” To Sprout In Sackville?

We all remember Woody the talking Christmas tree – right? I kinda miss the creepy old thing and I know my kids would have gotten a kick out of him.
It looks like councillor Brad Johns is working on bringing a yakking tree back – to Sackville! His name *could* be “Al Pine” or whatever else the community comes up with. A contest with the school kids could be fun.

-When I posted, I though Al Pine was a done deal.

Have a look at the Herald link (below the pic) for the full story by Yvette D’Entremont:


Woody, in Mic Mac Mall before he got “axed”.