#Sackville Talking Tree Time! List Of Dates And Times:


Be sure to head on down to visit our newest resident! He finally cleared customs and is set up at the old Dooly’s spot at Downsview. This is the beginning of a Sackville tradition for the kiddos.

P.S. Be sure to bring a food donation!

Safe Stolen From Pleasures N’ Treasures #Sackville (pics)

“I was wondering if you could pass this on…

Saturday, December 13 at 3:03am this guy robbed Pleasures N’ Treasures on Sackville Drive. He made off with the safe. If anyone could pass on information about who he is could contact the Sackville RCMP that would be great. Thank you so much.”

Please share this around folks.



Stolen Ebike #Sackville. Please share!


Some “Fir” Flying Over Our New Tree! #Sackville

This is our new animatronic Christmas tree:


YouTube vid of one of these trees:


He cost 25 K and there seems to be a bit of an uproar over it. Check out this article in The Coast where Councillor Johns talks about the whole thing:


So, what do you all think?

I have read a lot of comments today, mostly negative, from the usual “hate everything/tax watcher”crowd.

. *MEH*

So much money is blown around here (Looking at you, Nova Centre and Bluenose II money pits) that 25 K is basically peanuts. I think there is an opportunity for this to benefit the community and I’ll explain below. Some valid concerns are brought up but it’s mostly just predictable noise.

I did see a question about why it’s in Councillor Craig’s district if it was bought with Councillor John’s discretionary spending money – that’s a valid concern for the people in Brad’s district and should be brought up, IMO.

Here’s something to think about:

What if this thing draws people in and toys and food are donated to the needy? What if it pulled in 5 K worth over 5 years? Is it still a waste of money?

What if people pop down from outside Sackville with the kiddos to have a visit and grab lunch at a local restaurant? Hmmm…

Maybe I’m nuts.

I agree, on the surface this looks like a lot of loot to spend on a ,um, robot tree but it think, as a community, we can easily have this thing pay for itself many times over.

See you all down there with a toy and food donation. Send me pics!

Note: I also think it should be available to rent for dances and parties and it should be able to swear while there. Hehe

Ohhhh….Mother Webb’s Takes A Cheap Shot At Lower #Sackville, Eh?


What did we do to you, Mother Webb?

Hahaha! This is a mileage chart which is placed on every table at the popular restaurant Mother Webb’s in Antigonish. What the Hell – don’t be hatin’!

What do you guys think? Is this just a typo or some lighthearted fun? Maybe I should give them a call.

Thanks for the pic @bhill05 :)

P.S. I love your onion rings



Our Latest Christmas Tree Buying Experience. #Sackville

We just took the kids down and picked out our tree. We have gone to the same place for the past few years now – down by the bowling alley on Sackville drive.

There is a man down there who keeps a Squeezy toy in his hand and likes to trick the kids into thinking there is a “squirrel” in whichever tree he stands up to show you. It worked quite well with our five year old son tonight, we had to tell him it jumped out of the tree on the drive home! Hahaha

They offer small paper bags of peanuts to customers and kids so be aware if someone has a peanut allergy. They have small candy canes as well.

We paid $30 for one that’s about 7 1/2 feet tall, I figure that’s about average. They also offer free delivery anywhere in Sackville.

I see the Kinsmen have a lot set up by Acadia Hall, someone setting up in the Nothin’ Fancy parking lot and also one on Cobequid Road close to Avery’s.

Anywhere else?




Stolen Honda Civic #Sackville. Please Share!


My husbands car was stolen from our drive way this morning on Boxwood cres. 2012 honda civic SI EZY 703. Has a ” we dont care about your stick figure family” sticker on the back. White in color. Had all of our daughter Christmas presents in the trunk 😞 902 999 1669 or call the police!

Keep an eye out, folks.

#Sackville High Set To Perform “Beauty And The Beast” – Check This Out:

Head on down to see some talented SHS peeps put on the big show:


“SACKVILLE SHINES 2014″ Decorating Contest Is Open NOW!

Alrighty, it’s time to submit pics of amazingly decorated Sackville houses again! We are accepting entries only via the Email address below so be sure to use that.
There are many local businesses chipping in prizes for this and we will be announcing them soon so if you own a biz and want in, let me know :)



The Sackville Community Development Association (SCDA), in partnership with Sack-Vegas, would like to announce the 2nd annual Christmas decorating competition: Sackville Shines. Beginning Dec.1st and running until Dec. 19th local residents will be able to submit 3 photos and one video link of their decorated home (please include house address) to sackvilleshines@gmail.com for a chance to win a gift certificate from a Sackville business. All entries must be received by Dec. 12/2014, 5pm.

Judging of residential entries will be done through citizens voting on a combination of social media including Twitter, Facebook and the Sack-Vegas blog which is also picked up by Haligonia.ca and distributed to thousands in HRM. On Dec. 12th a photo album Sackville Shines 2014 will be created and voting will open. Each like will count as a vote.Voting closes at 5 pm Dec. 19th. To view and vote on entries go to this (sackvillenovascotia FBook) page, to @sackvillenovascotia on Twitter, to sack-vegas.com facebook page or to @sack_vegas onTwitter. One vote per person per page please.

Local businesses are also encouraged to send in a photo of their decorated store front for a chance to win bragging rights and a First, Second or Third prize ribbon to hang in their window. A judging committee will choose the commercial winners based on “curb appeal”, not the indoor decorations as larger stores may have a full Christmas department.

Sackvillenovascotia Facebook page:


This Layout Needs A Second Look. #Sackville Drive


-Pic from @sackvilleinside

OK, drivers have to pay better attention, that kinda goes without saying. These treed islands along Sackville Drive look nice but they seem to be more of an obstacle than a decoration.
Over the last couple years I have seen reports of drunks hitting them (their fault obviously) , plows, and people who simply clipped them on rainy, dark nights.
I am trying to think of solutions here. Solar powered lights on each end? Remove them altogether?

What do you guys think?

Note: Remember I already mentioned idiot drivers :)