#Sackville Patriot Days/Celebrate Canada Info Is Here! 

 Time to mark your calendars!  Their website has all the details you will need and I have a couple pics of the lists of events posted below. 

 Looks like the volunteers have put together a lot of fun local events again! Big shout out to you all! 

 Congrats to the 2015 grand Marshal “Lovey” Fenerty who puts smiles on faces in our community every day. There will defintiely be a lot of waves and smiles at the parade :) 


Sackville Women’s Fun League Is Looking For Softball Players. 


Purdy’s Pub And Grill Has Closed Up Shop. #Sackville 


 Looks like Purdy’s is gone. Geez, how long were they open? Just a few months?  I woke up to several messages today about the closure, their Fbook page is gone and I tried to call but It went to voicemail. 

 It sucks to see places close and people lose jobs. Here’s to everyone involved moving on and finding prosperity. 

 I’m curious – how many different businesses have been in that end of that building? 

Lost Black And Tan Coonhound. Please Share: 


Hey folks, please have a read below and share, if you don’t mind. Thanks! 

“Hi there. This may be a stretch but I was wondering if you could post this for me. I live in Hammonds Plains and on Friday April 24th around 6pm my puppy was spooked and took off, I haven’t seen her since. I have contacted animal control, all the vets in the area, posted signs, posted it on lost dog sites, on my Facebook page and put up signs and posters. 
I heard from a friend that she may have been seen in the lower Sackville area with someone. 

Her name is Sia, she’s an 8 month old Black and Tan Coonhound. She didn’t have a collar on but is microchipped and weighs about 70lbs. I just had her spayed 3 weeks ago so her belly is shaved and you can see the incision from the procedure. Please note that there is a reward for her safe return. 
I’ve attached a photo of her and hope you can help. 
My name is Tasha and my number is 902-497-3554 and my email is Tashakmc@gmail.com. 
So far there have been no sightings of her  
Thank you so much for your time and I hope you can help. 


Special Olympics Executive Committee Elections are May 14. #Sackville #Bedford 


 If you are already involved or want to get involved with Special Olmpics, here’s your chance to help form the next committee.  Save the date! 

Lost Dogs…Beaver Bank. Please Share! 



“Please look out for these babies..we need them home!!!!!

Sophie & Charlie:

Breed or Mix: Sophie: Large black Terrier Mix, and Charlie: Shepherd/Husky Mix

Sex: Sophie: Female, and Charlie: Male Age: Sophie: 4 yrs, Charlie: 3 yrs

Collar/Tags: Black collar

Lost on: 04/08/2015

Area: 56 Meadowbrook Drive, Beaver Bank, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Sophie looks like a Wolfhound and Charlie is a husky/Shepherd mix.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: Jennifer, jennifer-tanner@hotmail.com 902-222-7744″

Flea Market Alert! April 25 & 26 #Sackville

If you are looking for some goodies be sure to mark these dates down on your calendars.  It would be nice to see these snowbanks melt a little quicker so full in yard sale season could start – I have a lot of crap to sell! 



#Sackville High Students Raising Funds For IWK And Aiming High! 

  The Kingfisher crew is at it again! 

 Last year they raised over 20,000 bucks for the IWK by cooking up numerous ways to raise funds for a dance marathon. This year they are aiming for 50K and things seem to picking up steam. 

 I see a lot of chatter on my social media sites and it’s pretty cool to see a lot of the students and community members involved – it’s not just a small “rah-rah” crowd involved here. So nice to see! 

 There is an article in the Bedford Sackville Observer this week which you can read here. I see Cyrill Lunney was over there yesterday doing something that resembles dancing. Hahaha! 

 Below are a few pics documenting a small fraction of the FUNdraising that has taken place so far.  I just chipped in $50 this morning and by all means feel free to match me or donate any amount you can – no amount is too small and certainly never too big!  

  You can check out their website here to donate and keep up on all the latest happenings. If you can’t donate, please share this post, that is also a huge help and greatly appreciated.

Bring home the bacon (spare change)


Fundraising at Walmart. (I believe on that crazy traffic day!) 


Flash mob fun!


Making bracelets: 

They shovelled snow: 


Nice job!


Superstore flash mob crew! 


Collecting cash, class to class: 


Hungry Hungy Hippos: 

They made their teachers dance: 


Keep up the great work, guys and gals! You are making us proud! 


Mezza #Sackville Is Now Open! 

The time has come! So nice to see something new and different pop up here in the ‘Sack! If you get down there (Downsview Plaza) before I do, be sure to let us know what you think.  Check out thier website here!

Here is a link to their Facebook Page.


 Welcome to Sackville, Mezza. Let theshawarma-fest  begin! 

Local Rockers Tri City Villains Are Making Some Waves ! #Sacktown \m/ 

Check this out, folks: 


I love pretty much all types of music but always go back to rock/metal  at the end of the day. I just had a listen to the self titled (and written in Sackville) debut album ‘Tri City Villains’ right here!

These guys are good! 

They have just been added to the Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival 3 lineup, how cool is that? 


You can check out the band’s  website here

Again, congratulations on the album and for getting added to the big show! Rock on ! \m/