Fish For A Cure Is August 9th !

Grab your tackle boxes and help out a good cause! Check the link below the pic:


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Rollin’ In The Sack: Love Car!

Hah, what is this supposed to represent? A fundraiser? Awareness for love? Parents having the kids get out of hand with the fingerpaint?

Many questions!

UPDATE: It’s a car from Evolve


Thanks for the pic Rachel Leeann!

Talking Christmas Tree News: “Al Pine” To Sprout In Sackville?

We all remember Woody the talking Christmas tree – right? I kinda miss the creepy old thing and I know my kids would have gotten a kick out of him.
It looks like councillor Brad Johns is working on bringing a yakking tree back – to Sackville! His name *could* be “Al Pine” or whatever else the community comes up with. A contest with the school kids could be fun.

-When I posted, I though Al Pine was a done deal.

Have a look at the Herald link (below the pic) for the full story by Yvette D’Entremont:


Woody, in Mic Mac Mall before he got “axed”.


Trivia Night! July 17th #Sackville Dooly’s (JDRF Fundraiser)

Attention trivia buffs:

This is a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Come on out with your friends, it will be a really fun night and it may become a regular evening if there is enough community support. We certainly have a lot of community support around here!

Check the link below the pic to vist the Facebook page:


FUN FAIR! July 12, #Sackville. FUN!

Looking for something to do on Saturday? Here ya go:


Reason # 627 Why #Sackville Rocks:

Nice! There are a lot of good people out there, folks. Look at the message I recieved today:


“What a great community we live in!!!
I had posted that my elderly neighbor had left her purse in a shopping cart @ Giant Tiger parking lot yesterday. 
It was important that she get it back due to the important medical contents inside it. 
She just called me to tell me that some beautiful angel of a person turned it in to the Giant Tiger store!!!! “

Missing Dog! First Lake Area Please Share!


“Went missing around lunch time today from First Lake area. Name is Jaxon but may respond to Jax. Small Havanese Male, black and white. Approximately 15 pounds. Black collar with rabies tag on it. If found call 902-476-1391″


Found Dog #BeaverBank Please Share !


 Is this your dog? Found in Beaver Bank!  Shoot me a message :)


Another Found Dog! Lakecrest #Sackville Please Share

I found this dog this evening in middle Sackville.  On Lakecrest drive. Think it’s a female. Very friendly. Fed her. Anyone looking for her???? 830-8630″


Tobacco Free Tennis! I Find This Amusing.

A while back I tweeted:

“The last time I played tennis, my opponent wore cut off jean shorts and smoked as he played”.

This was over 20 years ago and it got a few chuckles. I *really* chuckled when I saw this sign down at Les Mayo fields tonight!

Is smoking on the courts an issue? Do we actually need to be told not to smoke as we play? Are people chewing and spitting? Many questions!!