“A Game To Remember” #RS17 #Sackville Feb 1


Head in down to participate in honoring Rylee Sears. Our community is in mourning and this is a wonderful way to celebrate this young man’s life.

90 Days Jail Time And Probation For #Sackville Molester.

I remember when this incident took place. This is hard to read but should be read by everyone in our community:


Another Edition Of Rollin’ In The ‘Sack! Newfoundland Version?



Pic From Tom Poole

The 2015 Sackvegas Donair Poll Is Here! Time To Vote!


Alrighty, time to unleash another greasy Sackvegas poll upon the masses – this time a donair one! In the poll below I have listed all places in this area who serve up donairs. Please find your fave donair vendor below (not necessarily your fave pizza joint) and vote.

I will leave the voting open until midnight Sunday. Please share this around and remember it is not a scientific poll – so easy with the hate Emails which I received during my pizza poll! Hahahaa

Some Rustling Happening In The Old “Curves” Spot. #Sackville


It looks like this place is being spruced up for a new tenant. I wonder what’s going in?

More Fuss Over In Sackville Cross Road. What’s Up Now?


-Pic from @Serraxor

Getting reports of a heavy police presence there again and some roads blocked off. Careful over that way, folks.

Apparently there is/was a slow moving police chase.

SHS Hockey Brings Home The Gold!


SHS wins gold at the City If Lakes high school hockey tournament. Congrats to the fellas, coaches and anyone else involved!

I Am Finally At A Loss For Words: What Is Going On In #BeaverBank?

Who’s Tony? Hahahahaha! I ‘ll just let the peanut gallery chime in here :)


-pic from Kale Morrow (Beaver Bank Avery’s)

A Thank You Message To A #Sackville Stranger:

Check this out:

“Last night around 3am our family had the RCMP knock on our door to tell us someone had reported a man laying on Sackville Drive, it was our son. He had slipped & fell on the ice & split his head open and needed 3 staples. Our family would like to thank whomever thought to call police because had they not our son may have died due to injury & weather.”

KFC Sackville Is Closed Right Now. Staff Party Or….??

UPDATE: I am being told they were closed due to electrical problems and are open for business today!


I have just received four messages asking why KFC Sackville is closed. One person called them and said their phone seems to be disconnected.

Surely it’s just an after Christmas staff party, right? RIGHT??