Special Olympics Executive Committee Elections are May 14. #Sackville #Bedford 


 If you are already involved or want to get involved with Special Olmpics, here’s your chance to help form the next committee.  Save the date! 

Lost Dogs…Beaver Bank. Please Share! 



“Please look out for these babies..we need them home!!!!!

Sophie & Charlie:

Breed or Mix: Sophie: Large black Terrier Mix, and Charlie: Shepherd/Husky Mix

Sex: Sophie: Female, and Charlie: Male Age: Sophie: 4 yrs, Charlie: 3 yrs

Collar/Tags: Black collar

Lost on: 04/08/2015

Area: 56 Meadowbrook Drive, Beaver Bank, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Sophie looks like a Wolfhound and Charlie is a husky/Shepherd mix.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: Jennifer, jennifer-tanner@hotmail.com 902-222-7744″

Flea Market Alert! April 25 & 26 #Sackville

If you are looking for some goodies be sure to mark these dates down on your calendars.  It would be nice to see these snowbanks melt a little quicker so full in yard sale season could start – I have a lot of crap to sell! 



#Sackville High Students Raising Funds For IWK And Aiming High! 

  The Kingfisher crew is at it again! 

 Last year they raised over 20,000 bucks for the IWK by cooking up numerous ways to raise funds for a dance marathon. This year they are aiming for 50K and things seem to picking up steam. 

 I see a lot of chatter on my social media sites and it’s pretty cool to see a lot of the students and community members involved – it’s not just a small “rah-rah” crowd involved here. So nice to see! 

 There is an article in the Bedford Sackville Observer this week which you can read here. I see Cyrill Lunney was over there yesterday doing something that resembles dancing. Hahaha! 

 Below are a few pics documenting a small fraction of the FUNdraising that has taken place so far.  I just chipped in $50 this morning and by all means feel free to match me or donate any amount you can – no amount is too small and certainly never too big!  

  You can check out their website here to donate and keep up on all the latest happenings. If you can’t donate, please share this post, that is also a huge help and greatly appreciated.

Bring home the bacon (spare change)


Fundraising at Walmart. (I believe on that crazy traffic day!) 


Flash mob fun!


Making bracelets: 

They shovelled snow: 


Nice job!


Superstore flash mob crew! 


Collecting cash, class to class: 


Hungry Hungy Hippos: 

They made their teachers dance: 


Keep up the great work, guys and gals! You are making us proud! 


Mezza #Sackville Is Now Open! 

The time has come! So nice to see something new and different pop up here in the ‘Sack! If you get down there (Downsview Plaza) before I do, be sure to let us know what you think.  Check out thier website here!

Here is a link to their Facebook Page.


 Welcome to Sackville, Mezza. Let theshawarma-fest  begin! 

Local Rockers Tri City Villains Are Making Some Waves ! #Sacktown \m/ 

Check this out, folks: 


I love pretty much all types of music but always go back to rock/metal  at the end of the day. I just had a listen to the self titled (and written in Sackville) debut album ‘Tri City Villains’ right here!

These guys are good! 

They have just been added to the Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival 3 lineup, how cool is that? 


You can check out the band’s  website here

Again, congratulations on the album and for getting added to the big show! Rock on ! \m/ 

How The Infamous April Fool’s  “Sackvegas” Sign Came To Be: 

Four years ago today,  I was driving home from work on April Fool’s Day and I saw something that almost made me spit my coffee out all over the dashboard. 



 I had heard the nickname thrown around for years but this took it to a whole new level.  I had been planning on starting a foolish Sackville blog and this inspired me to do it – and name it “Sack-Vegas.”  I have had some criticism thrown my way as my blog experiment grew – some people said “the name calls the place down” and “you are destroying property values.”   Hahaha!

 Really?  I find it hilarious and the name certainly grabbed a bit of attention quickly. It’s funny because Sackville is, um, not really overly fabulous and it’s nothing like Vegas.  The name is a joke, that’s it.  Get over it, haters! 

 Anyway, enough about me and my Social media foolishness. Check out one of the pranksters (name witheld because mystery is awesome) behind sign’s story: 

“It was April Fools 2011, my best friend and I (a born and raised SackVillian) cruise down the Sackville strip in the middle of the night in a black suv that was purchased on the Sackville strip of course. We quietly park in behind the Fultz house, pop the back hatch and unload a 4’ X 8’ sheet of plywood, hinged in the middle and jig sawed and painted into a glorious replica of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, of course Las Vegas was changed to SackVegas. We crept down the path and mounted it with steel brackets and wood screws on an existing street sign. Long story short, it was just awesome. Funny thing is I was not a born and raised Sack Villain, I am just a retired graffiti artist passing through, and it was in a dorm room a province away that I first heard of the marvelous SackVegas over Schooner beer in a residence house in Newfoundland. Fast forward to the moment I exited the 102 onto Glendale when I moved to Sackville, the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll himself decided to come on the radio and sign to me Viva Las Vegas. I have long abandon vandalism but I decided to it was best for Sackville to be remember by the jewel that it is. A lucky few were fortunate to view it that morning before it was removed by I’m almost certain not the authorities. I believe the fine people of Sackville deserve their sign back. Put it back! HOIST THE COLOURS!!!!”

 Hahahaha! This person sounds awesome. I had no idea it was made of wood and so much work was put into it. So funny! 

 Sooooo…..I would LOVE to know who took it down and if it still exists. 


“Ceilidh For The Haley’s” Fundraiser For A Family In Need. March 28! #Sackville


 Looks like an evening of fun and is definitely for a good cause: 

Some members of the First Sackville Presbyterian Church are hosting a benefit ceilidh/dance and cash only silent auction to benefit a family who is dealing with cancer.  The event will be this Saturday at 7pm at the Sackville Lion’s Den 101 Old Beaverbank Rd.  Tickets are $10.  Everything has been donated, so every penny that comes in the door will be going to the Haley family.

Car Smucked At Cobequid Terminal March 25. Anyone Witness It? 


 “@alangdon17: @tday79 happened at the @hfxtransit Cobequid terminal yesterday. @sack_vegas could use your help.”

 Nice!  It’s a long shot, but ya never know – The  victim of this hit and run is looking for anyone who may have seen the incident. This is a 2014 grey Honda Civic.  Please contact amylangdon@hotmail.com if you know anything. 


The Sacktown Pizza Saga Continues: Big Bite Is Out, Pomodoro Is In! 


 Well, this is new! 

Calm down, “too many pizza joint” ranters, we have the same amount, this is just replacing one :) 

I don’t know if this place is run by the same owners as the previous tenant, Big Bite, or not. I took a peek at the menu here: http://www.pomodoropizzeria.ca/index.php/latest-proposals/20-special-1 but I can’t tell if it is different than Big Bite – I never did give them a try. 

 I could have waited to call them before I posted this, but that’s no fun – I’m sure some Sackvillains and Beaver Bankers already have the deets for us!