This Layout Needs A Second Look. #Sackville Drive


-Pic from @sackvilleinside

OK, drivers have to pay better attention, that kinda goes without saying. These treed islands along Sackville Drive look nice but they seem to be more of an obstacle than a decoration.
Over the last couple years I have seen reports of drunks hitting them (their fault obviously) , plows, and people who simply clipped them on rainy, dark nights.
I am trying to think of solutions here. Solar powered lights on each end? Remove them altogether?

What do you guys think?

Note: Remember I already mentioned idiot drivers :)

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Some Nice Wintry Window Paintings At Downsview Sobeys:





Check out the artistry by young Sackville artist Ashton Bremner. Kinda puts me in a mood for some apple cider:)

Great work, Ashton!

Wanna Learn Judo? Here you go:


If this goes well, we could have a permanent Judo training place come to Sacktown. Mark your calendars!

#Sackville Veteran’s Motorcycle Stolen In Stewiacke. Please Share!


“My father is a veteran and was part of the veteran motorcycle club. His bike was painted in memory of fallen soldiers. Please help us find it.”

Ok guys and gals, you know what to do – please keep an eye out and share this post.

Shoot me a message if you have any info and I can tell the owner.

Have You Seen This Stolen Skateboard? #Sackville


Does you friend or kid suddenly own a skateboard that looks just like this? Chances are, it’s stolen. A Sackville resident recently had this ripped off from his vehicle by car hoppers. BAH!

If anyone can help get this back to the owner, please shoot me a message. Dude just wants his board back!

SHS Football Brings Home The Banner!


Pic from-

What a great day for Sackville high! They took Cole Harbour High out 21-19 at SMU today to win the Division 2 championship.

Congrats to the players, coaches and anyone else involved with the program. I hear there was a pretty good crowd there cheering them on as well.

Proud day to be a Kingfisher!

Sackville High Vs Cole Harbour High This Sunday – Football Championship!

Looking for something to do tomorrow? Head on down to SMU for 1 PM to cheer on our football team! This game is against Cole Harbour High and is for all the marbles.




Big Book Sale Nov 15 At Sackville Library!

Our library at 636 Sackville Drive is having a book sale on Saturday, November 15 from 10-4. Books cost $0.50 each if buying 1-3 books or $2.00 for a bag full.

Now, get down there and grab a few bags full of books. Winter is coming, might as well do some extra reading!


Clem’s Plants Are Down Permanently On #Sackville Drive.

This sucks. It’s obviously not your usual “closed for winter” message we are accustomed to. Clem is closing up shop here in Sackville as he starts the retirement process. There are other locations such as Fall River, Hammonds Plains and Portland which are still in business at this point. Apparently sales were still strong at this location so hopefully someone else can jump in and set up shop.


-Pic from Victor Goguen

“KITCHEN PARTY” Saturday, November 15th #Sackville

I mean, who doesn’t love a good kitchen bash?