Chester Fried Set To Haunt New #LowerSackville Apartment Building

Remnants of Chester Fried Chicken sign (2012)

Ten years ago, I snapped the above picture and did some chicken reminiscing with some fellow Sackvillains. Need’s Chester Fried chicken (corner of Glendale and Cobequid) was the only place in town competing with Disco Deli for the 3 AM shitfaced partier dollar.

Fast forward to 2022 and we see the crusty old building flattened and full on construction of an apartment building on the hallowed ground.

Home of future fried chicken & tators haunted building.

I hope the new tenants are made aware of the impending phantom scent of chicken and tators wafting though the halls and vents. There will be “peck peck peck” on doors with nothing to be seen once opened & fuck knows what else will surface from this.

Good luck to you all and may the ghost of Chester Fried have mercy on your souls.

I’ll Just Leave This here:

I knew sackvillain Chad Lindsay had been working on something for his Sackville Live site and here it is

HAHAHHA Good stuff, buddy!

Something Fishy Going On At The Battered Fish – Closed Or Not Closed? #Sackville

 Last week, I recieved a message from a resident stating Battered Fish Sackville was finished and they had let their relative go. I held off a bit posting and tried  giving them a call but to no avail. 

-Pic from A couple years back 
 It turns out they have a sign posted on the door that reads:

 “Experiencing mechanical/electrical problems with our exhaust equipment and are presently unable to operate our fryers. We are working to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.”

 As of right now, no human is answering the phone.  So, which is it?  Can anyone fill us in? 

Rounders Pizza & Burgers #Sackville Is Done. 

Looks like the cheesy wheel of Sacktown pizza shops has spun again. This time, Rounders has closed up shop. 

 I have had many ppl messaging me about this and I waited a bit to post. I just called down and the number is disconnected so it seems the rumours are legit. 

 I never did get around to giving their pizza a try but did enjoy their burgers. They offered up some tasty gourmet ones and I don’t think many around here realized it. The pizza war out here is a rough one with many options and it’s hard to grab a slice of that market as a  newbie. 

 Anyway, best of luck to the owners and hope whatever you do in the future pans out.  

Uncles Cafe & Deli Has Closed Up Shop. #Sackville 

 Dammit, I really liked this place. 


-RIP Walkin’ Taco 

 I had a brief online chat with one of the owners yesterday and it’s confirmed Uncles Cafe & Deli has closed.  This little place served up some tasty, fresh food and the owners are really friendly people. 

 It was a nice place to grab something a little different when not in the mood for fast food. I was a big fan of the Walkin’ Taco and the chicken ceasar wrap. 

 It’s a rough biz to survive in and I tip my cap to Tami and Nikki for giving it a go. I’m sure “Uncle” is looking down and is very proud of you. Best of luck to you both and I hope to see you around Sacktown. 


#Sackville Talking Tree Heckling Leads To Donation! Heh

 This is just a funny story I thought I’d share with you all. Last Saturday night, I retweeted a tweet by Tinsel, our talking Christmas tree and (alleged) grouch and owner of Unfiltered Brewing from  North End Hali, Andrew Murphy, made one of the usual comments about the tree that pops up once in a while from people.  Ya know, there are still a lot of naysayers out there, mainly because of the cost of the tree. I figure it’s here, we should make the best of it and raise money and food for the needy – why the Hell not? 

 Anyway, tree account took exception to the salty language and it was kind of amusing. Twitter being Twitter, right? 

 I was reading it all and stirring the pot a bit while having a few beers and decided to challenge Andrew to come to Sackville (gasp) and take a selfie with the tree and I would donate $50 to the food bank. It likely would have been only $20 if I was sober, hahaha!  Of course he accepts the challenge and another local tweeter who did not even know Andrew drove him in! 

 Not being a fan of the tree or reading the schedule, he missed a showtime but still took this pic outside Acadia Hall: 

 Good enough for me! 

Super cool volunteer chauffeur, Laura: 

 Tonight, I held up my end of the deal and took my kids and a friend of theirs down to see a show and chip in the fifty smackers. Councillor Johns was there and we had a good chuckle over the whole thing. He did want to meet Andrew though….

Gotta flash the cash for proof (Super Sackville volunteer Wade Dooley in the back) :
In the jug it goes: 

Some of the food for the needy the tree has raised so far: 

 Thank you so much for being a good sport, Andrew and to Lara for driving him in. Also, great work by all the volunteers running the show! 

 If you are ever in Hali, check out his beer.  I always read good things about those suds and I think he’s actually an old softy but I better not publicly say it!  

 He did not ask for me to mention the brewery, btw. Merry Christmas, folks! 

Big Musical Happening At #SHS. It Starts Tonight! 

 The yutes at Sackville High are bringing us another top notch performance. The Sound Of Music is this year’s treat.  I’ve been reading a lot of excited sounding tweets from the students and staff lately. Be sure to check it out! 

You can read more about it HERE in the Bedford-Sackville Observer.  Break a leg, guys and gals! 


Twitter Funnyman @evilpez4 Is Doing Something Really Cool: “The AndyVent Calendar.”

 Some pretty amazing stuff is happening because one guy had an idea and got local business and residents involved – The AndyVent Calendar!
 -Not actual image of Andy.  Well, I don’t *think* it is…

  One of my favourite local Twitter homies is making a difference this year. Andy Bowers AKA “@evilpez4” is normally known for stirring up hilarious food convos and brilliant comments/snark about local newsy things but he is also showing he has a big ‘ol heart. 

 He put it out there on Twitter he is collecting 24 items for The AndyVent Calendar and it quicky took off with many local businesses that follow him immediately chipping in with awesome prizes. The plan is to collect goodies and then have people make a donation to his Gofundme page where every $5 enters your name in a draw for all the items. Every dime raised, minus the cost of the GofundMe page will be donated to Feed Nova Scotia. How cool is that? 

 The local business community (especially the ones on Twitter)  know and trust Andy and this has resulted in a bit of a “problem.”  He has easily gotten enough item donations to fill his calendar so he is having a midway draw for the extra goodies on Dec 12. That winner will also be put back in the mix for the big prize. 

 Be sure to check his  site as he will be revealing what one of the items is each day  leading up to the draw. It’s pretty fun seeing what gets unveiled. 

 It’s unreal what an idea can do. He set out to raise a thousand bucks and at this time, it is well over $2500 and still growing. Big shout out to Andy, the local businesses and of course, the people who are donating. By all means, feel free to donate – it’s not about the amazing prize, of course. Hehe 

 Remember, the main winner gets the whole thing. Midway winner gets the extra  goodies. Below is a list of all the prize donors. Some Sackville ones in there too, I see. The total value of the main prize is $1092 and the midway one is $654.  These businesses  ROCK! 


Acadian Maple

Ardmore Tea Room  

Bad Robot Brewing 

Bodega Boutique

Boneheads BBQ  

Biscuit Cutter

Canning Sauce Co.

Cape & Cowl Comics   

Chef’s Menu

DartGate Pharmacy

Dinner Envy


Green Inspections

Halifax Mooseheads

Hula Nova Hoops

Humble Pie

Kissed By The Sea

Krave Burger

Lost Cod 

Manorhouse Furniture 

Newfoundland Chocolate Company DartGate Pharmacy

Old School Donuts

One Light Theatre

Port City Coffee

Pro Line Sports

Rocky Lake Pizza

Rum Runners

Salt Water Essentials

Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria

Sonic Concerts

Souper Duper Soups


Sugar Shok 

Susie’s Shortbreads and Cupcakes


Truck Side

Ultimate Party & Event Store

Unfiltered Brews

What These Old Things

He started out looking for a grand to help feed the needy, I saw we make it a LOT more than that. Please enter the draw or at least share this around, folks. Thanks! 





Remembrance Day Schedule For #Sackville Legion: 

Here’s some handy info, y’all: 


Tool Theft In #Sackville. Please Share And Keep An Eye Out. 

Release from the RCMP: 

Halifax District RCMP investigates rash of tool thefts, Lower Sackville, N.S.

Last night, just after 2 a.m., suspects entered a van parked in a private driveway on Rankin Dr. in Lower Sackville and removed a number of tools. The suspects loaded the tools into their truck, a dark coloured pick-up truck, and sped away from the scene. Within minutes, RCMP made multiple patrols of the area but were not able to locate the suspects. The tools are believed to be valued at between approximately $7,000 and $10,000, and mostly bear the brand name Dewalt. The tools are also labelled with either the owner’s name or ‘MRS Construction’ in permanent marker. Several items, including the victim’s van, have been seized for forensic examination, and the file remains under investigation.
On Tuesday evening, Halifax District RCMP were also called to investigate two break-ins to outbuildings where tools were stolen. A utility trailer parked at a construction site on Westridge Dr. in Tantallon was broken into, and several Dewalt tools and other brands were stolen. They include:

Stand-up compressor
Bosch 12′ chop saw

Hilti concrete drill and bits

Makita 8 1/4” skill saw

Cordless gear

Dewalt SDS drill and bits

Dewalt portable table saw

Max Strip nailer

Stabbila plate level

Makita coil nailer

Bosch radio

Suspects also broke into a storage container located at the rear of a business in the 400 block of Cobequid Rd. and stole a generator and a number of small power tools.
Investigators are asking anyone who has any information concerning these incidents to contact them at 902-244-7208 or any RCMP office, Halifax Regional Police or Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS ( 8477 ), texting TIP202 + your message to ‘CRIMES’ (274637) or by Secure Web Tips at . Calls to Crime Stoppers are not taped or traced and if police make an arrest and lay charges based on a tip, callers qualify for a cash reward from $50 – $2000.

Contact person:
Cpl. Greg Church

Media Relations Officer

Halifax District RCMP

Office: (902) 490-1497

Cell: (902) 830-5695