Yea Old Watch And Clock Shoppe! I have two questions…#1 How long has it been there? #2 Has anyone ever been inside? Anyone? No disrespect…I just need to know. lol!!


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  1. chad jussup says:

    Been in…its scary…never again lol

  2. Trace says:

    This is great! Had no idea it was actually there! Hahhahahahhahahha your a great Sackvagas guide!

  3. Michelle Gerrard says:

    He has been there for over 30 years, his store/work site is dated, but he is Super Honest and does Great work, for reasonable price. I have gone there for years to fix watches, batteries, clocks. He is not a big conversationalist but his quality and care for his craft is evident in his work.

    • Nielsen says:

      Hey, that is great! I have heard quite a bit of good things about him over the last few days after I posted the pic. I hope it sends a few more people in to see him!

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