I read a tweet yesterday about this very subject (yes, I swiped the young lady’s rant).
It is a great point…we have a Tim Horton’s within spitting distance in all directions and not one molecule of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream!!!
Is it us? Is our S-V reputation so bad that some bigwig has said “screw those mulleted bastards- no ice cream for them”?

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Just a goofball from Sack-Vegas!

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  1. Paul says:

    I must not be able to count:
    1) Beaver Bank Road
    2) First Lake Drive
    3) Cobequid Road
    4) Cobequid Health Centre
    5) Esso on Sackville Drive
    6) Sackville Drive by Dooly’s
    7) Superstore
    8) Sackville Drive by Burger King

    From one troublemaker to another. šŸ™‚

    • Nielsen says:

      Health Centre….missed that one! Lmao…I imagine there are a few more hiding somewhere. …..Now I must write an updated post and brag a bit more about our coffee addiction. Thanks!lol

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