This is a new feature to my S-V blog. Reopening cold cases!!
Here is the scenario…Valentine’s Day 2012, a coworker of mine stops down at Sackville Sobey’s at around 6:15 A.M. to shop for a V Day gift for his wife (Sad I know, all men do this) lmao!
Anyway, being the Hants Countier that he is, he leaves his doors unlocked and when he comes out he finds that some douchebag went in his truck and took his smokes!!
Funny thing is, the KEYS were still in the ignition !! Hahaha! (Hant’s County).
Anyway, he just wants his smokes back!
Anyone else have any cold cases you want re-opened….I am your man:)

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Just a goofball from Sack-Vegas!

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  1. Tracey says:

    I’m also from Hants County but I’m also a realist and when I moved to the city the first thing I started doing was locking my doors (car and house) even when I’m home. If you want my crap, you’re going to have to work for it.

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