Have not been there yet…..yet!! Welcome to Sack-Vegas:)
70 First Lake Drive (Up by Staples Call Centre)

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  1. Ok so I’ve had Boo Boo’s Pizza – it wasn’t my favorite pizza, but it also wasn’t the worst pizza I’ve had. It did suffer from new Pizzeria over topping. I’ll try and be as objective as I can be, but I have a stringent set of pizza requirements.

    It was hot and looked like a tasty pizza when it arrived. Presentation 9/10. Now for me Sauce can make or break a pizza, it has to be spicy, not hot, but flavorful. It has to be sauce and not some sort of marinara. Unfortunately Boo Boo’s “sauce” was closer to marinara dipping sauce than pizza sauce and was sweeter than I enjoy. 2/10. Topping dispursemet was decent if not over abundant, but they were tasty 7/10. Overall it was a solid meh, 5/10 for me.

    However my almost 2 year old daughter loved everything other than the oregano on the crust. Promo Pizza set the bar high for Pizza and Boo Boo’s fell well short for me.

    Also had a small Donair, which had ok meat, but the sauce was too watery and tasted too much like Vinegar. It was a disappointing affair unfortunately. Jessy’s has nothing to fear in regards to Donairs.

    I highly recommend Primo Pizza, but not Boo Boo’s yet.

    • toastedbluetomato says:

      I have been to BooBoos on 3 occasions…1st time was when they opened. The pizza was delish & fast service. I was happy with it all. I thought WOW?! this could be a very great spot for lunch once a week or so. My second time I went there during lunch hour-there was no pizza ready for service. I thought to myself-Self, this is prime time to sell to all Staples staff, etc.,..however, I was offered that I could wait for a slice that would take 10 min. You would think that they would have pizza ready for lunch time 12noon till 2pm. Naw that’s just silly. Come in and wait for 15 minutes and we will have you wait longer and be late for work. I left that day- was not going to waste my time. So I thought I would give them ONE last chance. Big Mistake huge- just like their name. This time the door was open- I walked in to place my order- I stood there while these 2 girls were talking to this guy (owner maybe?). About 5 min later this guy says Can I help you. I said Yes Please, I would like a slice. He said we are closed. Nothing like confusing your clientele with having a door wide opened and no closed sign on the door. That I am sure will win a lot of customer-NOT! This pizza joint is very true to it’s name one big huge BooBoo’s. Word of mouth- there are better places to go to that have much sublime customer service- you are better off at Sobeys.

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