You would think that with a name like Sackville, there would be a lot more trucks around with these on them.
They are funny as Hell, but I hate them.
We have enough goofy shit going on with our Vehicles…glad that these decorations end at the Mount Uniacke border. Hants County can keep them. Haha!!

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Just a goofball from Sack-Vegas!

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  1. Lori says:

    omg…who would want those things hanging from their truck? Almost as annoying as those little cartoons of the whole family on the back of the vehicle…lol
    I have a little story for you. last night Kevin & I took his Dad to Timmie’s on Sackville Drive. The girl at the counter always has my father-in-law’s coffee ready for him when he walks in. She sees him pull into the parking lot and gets it ready for him. Of course, last night she didn’t recognize the vehicle because he was with us. Do a lot of people get this service? If so…that is pretty awesome. Then again, he has lived in Lower Sackville for 50+ years and will be 80 next month. Maybe you really have to earn this privilege over a long period of time?? Anyone from Lower Sackville know the deal?

  2. Sunshine says:

    I can happily say I’ve never seen these danglers before.

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