People (usually old) paying for scratch and or break open tickets with change, asking questions about the tickets…..and standing in the front of the line breaking them open!!!
My blood pressure is rising even as I type this. I want to take the losing break open tix and shove them in the their mouth.
This is not a problem only in S-V, but it must stop in our town. Screw the other places:)

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  1. janine says:

    if you want pay back….buy the next break open after they are done and while still in ear shot say loudly “omg i won!” …..these folks get really mad about that! LMAO

  2. This drive me nuts too. I’m usually only in the store to buy a quick pack of smokes on my way to work in the morning and it doesn’t matter which convenience store it is either. Someone (again usually older) is checking all their LottoMax, 6/49, scratch/break open tickets which is usually a handful. After claiming whatever the tickets won they buy a bunch more scratch tickets carefully choosing which ones, then more break opens plus an arm long lotto max and 6/40 ticket. Then they stand scratching off only the bar code to have scanned to see if it’s a winner.

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