The fair is in town. The weather is the shits. As long as I can remember, people have talked about this curse. Did Bill Lynch once set up his Tilt-A-Whirl on an ancient Indian burial ground in Sack-Vegas or what??

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  1. Bill Lynch had a wife who was a known witch. Back in the day she got jealous of him spending all his time at the fair so she cursed it. No matter where he goes it will rain every day but one. Not only did she curse the fair itself but she cursed the rides. So even though the fair itself is gone now and the rides sold off to other fairs..the curse follows them!

  2. I remember as a kid in Halifax, it was the same thing – whenever the Bill Lynch fair came to the Commons, it was sure to rain.

  3. Brenda says:

    Bill Lynch’s wife was a sweet heart. Certainly not a witch though I did hear about the curse growing up around the roadies of the fairs and the exhibitions.

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