Remember these? I know sending young people around town with a big wad of money is a bad idea these days…BUT.. A great childhood memory was hearing the bells on the “Ice Cream Bike”. I am trying to make out what novelties are pictured here. I remember a “Dracula” one, I think it was purple with white cream inside, along with a blob of red “blood”. They used to hire responsible teens from the area and it gave them a chance to make some cash for the Summer. I suppose they could bring them back with debit machines. All the kiddies could get hooked up with a bank card. lol

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  1. janine says:

    My friend totally used to own all the bikes…omg…the stories they had about these. My fave was when the “responsible” teen dropped his money bag to them at the end of a day with an I Owe You note for all the money he made that day!

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