I have some drunken clown sitting here with me, insisting that we used to have a Woolco. I disagree. Someone help!!

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  1. Trace says:

    YES YES YES WE DID! out used to be where the polls walmart was where the new good life is now. i used to work for the salon Magic cuts. . I remember when walmart bought them out. I tried to boy cot them. Lololol

  2. Paula says:

    Yes!! It used to be in the Downsview Mall where Staples is. Of course then you couldn’t access it from the outside only from the inside of the mall. My mom used to take me there to buy new clothes for school. It was not where the old Walmart was.

  3. Jason Perrin says:

    Woolco was where the old Walmart was on the former sackville downs site:)))

  4. Kerri says:

    I remember a kmart and the met but I dont think there was a Woolco?

  5. Baker Boy Donuts says:

    There was no Wiolco in Sack Vegas. The closest one was in Scotia Square. Downsview did have a department store “The Met” located where Staples/Dooleys is located.

    • Nielsen says:

      Are you sure? I have a lot of other people who are adamant that we had one.

      • Baker Boy Donuts says:

        100% sure. When sobeys moved across the hall to the old Met the Met moved down inside the mall near the Royal Bank

      • Nielsen says:

        I don’t remember it either…I just Googled “Woolco Lower Sackville” and there is a reference to it. I am trying to copy and paste it.

      • Steve says:

        lived here since 72, and do NOT recall EVER seeing a Woolco in Sackville, and do indeed remember when Walmart went into the location there the old Downs was after Sobeys built it

  6. The Met!!! That’s what it was!! My mistake…I could have sworn it was Woolco! I do remember the one being in Scotia Square though.

  7. Kandis says:

    There’s was a Woolco there whether anyone remembers or not… In 1994 Woolco in Sackville was bought out by Wal-mart. It’s stated on page 14, paragraph 4 of this Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly document. http://www.cornwaab.comxa.com/rv-report_1.pdf

  8. Kandis says:


  9. keith says:

    There was a Woolco before wallymart.I bought a RCA tv 32 inch(before Plasma LCD etc) for a steal(back then) on their closing out sale,400.00 bucks

  10. Ocsar says:

    I remember it as well, was there less than a year before Wal-Mart bought it out, same location as Old Wal-Mart was in Lr. Sackville.

  11. There was no Woolco in Sackville. It is as in Scotia Square. Baker Boy donuts is right.
    There was a K-Mart,which you could get to by coming out of the mall but it the way was covered, people from back then will know what I’m talking bout. There was a “MET” inside the mall right across from the old Sobeys. I remember playing those old video and pinball machines on the wkend at the front of the Met. Use to be a Tavern called the Blind Tiger too in that mall.

  12. No there was not a Woolco in or around the mall. Baker Boy Donut is right. The nearest one was at Scotia Square, still remember the big sign out front waiting for the #80 bus back to Sackville. There was a K-Mart, which you had to leave the mall to get in but the way was covered, people from back then will know what I’m talking about. There was also The Met. Which was in the mall across from Sobeys. I remember playing those old video & pinball machine games at the front of The Met looking out at the parking lot. There was also the tarven The Blind Tiger.

  13. Debbie says:

    There was a Woolco where the old Walmart was. We used to get our car brakes done and oil changes there and that was in 1991.

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