Did Sackville ever have an A&K? I have had several people tell me to write about it, but I don’t think we ever had one:/

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  1. Steph M says:

    Yes! Where Pizza Jo used to be on Sackville Dr. Next to Acadia School!

  2. lynester says:

    yes we did. I went to Acadia school and used to go to A & K from time to time. Where Pizza Jo was. Baxter may remember it too since we both went to school there.

  3. rob t says:

    Definitely had one! Almost across from timmys by burger king. You just don’t forget a name like that! Lol

  4. Dennis Easton says:

    Lr. Sackville did indeed have one. It was on Sackville Dr and the bldg now houses a pawn shop.

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