I am seeing pics if this on Twitter. Where is this and what’s the scoop? Is it part of a haunted forest thing or what?

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  1. It’s way out here in Beaver Bank past the old folk’s home, around where the old Villa used to be. AWESOME place!

  2. Sarah says:

    This is the abandoned radar base in north beaver bank. Do you know where the villa used to be? Way up the beaver bank road to where the seniors home is, if you turn in there and drive to the back of what was the old villa subdivision (just foundations now), there’s a road that goes back there, was always blocked, couldn’t drive it, you have to walk back – 10-15 minute walk – its up there. There was an American military base of some type up there a loooong time ago. This is the abandoned structure. There are tunnels underneath it that stretch out km from the building – all flooded now and impassable. But friends of mine who lived in the villa in the 80s used to walk the tunnels all the way out to the villa. Even 15 years ago you coukd still get inside upstairs, but it is seriously clised up now, and its mad dangerous inside because of collapsed floors, ceilings etc. Another friend of mine’s grandfather owns the property and tried to get plans from the U.S. of all the underground structures so he’d know where exactly there was underground stuff on his property – they refused. There is some really cool graffiti up there now. It’s a creepy spot to walk up to at night be side it’s such a big crazy structure in the middle of nowhere, but I’ve never heard any haunted stories.

  3. Steve says:

    was Canadian Forces used that building for Radar

  4. Jill says:

    youtube has tons of videos in the Radar- and yes, I have heard many times it is allegedly haunted. Check it out for yourself

  5. My name is Barry MacDonald I grew up on this radar base and read on an info blog about paranormal stuff happening around beaver bank villa, that a ghost of a young girl has been detected ,I was living there my parents moved me and our family there in 1965 ,around 1978 or 79 we moved out ,any way ,A young girl named Karen Quin was murdered about 100 yards from our place not sure exactly what year it was I think 1973.The night was spooky as I remember dogs howling and for some reason did not go out a spooky thick fog enveloped the area that night,it was creepy,the next day or few days latter found out she was murdered by a school mates older brother named Glen Thompson,he used a fence picket to rip her to pieces The cops found blood on his clothing..He was sentenced to life at 16 years old ,I hear.Karen Quin was related to a Bob Quin that was a musician in a band called Pepper Tree,who had a song on the radio called Try late sixties or seventies,the chorus was; try and we can all get along,.. ironic.and .spooky.Her killer hated her she was a nasty little bitch,she was the same age as me she would be 54 if she was still alive I hear.She did not deserve to 13 I attended her funeral..I am a musician and my artist name is Alias Hanz I have stories about and have experienced the paranormal they took my music and website down from my space,Because of what I had to say about the Government and senseless police brutality so bad it caused me to have a mental illness called; post traumatic stress disorder .you can contact me at

    • Marshall quinn says:

      Wow this blew my mind i was on here looking up info on the underground tunnels and i started reading your story it started to sound familiar when you mentions karen quinn i remember my dad mentioned that name and then i seen she is related to bob quinn from pepper tree and i realized this was my cousin who was murdered. Ive been here and heard the story of a young girl getting killed there meny times but it blows my mind to realize she was my family! Sad story but thanks for sharing it. If anyone on here knows more about this story or about the underground tunnels please email me at thanks!

    • Bobby says:

      Actually Karen was not of the sort you mentioned ! She was my girlfriend from the fall of 71 to the spring of 72. We were parted because of distance. We attended Sycamore lane Elementary grade 7. We saw each other a few times the summer of 72 and a few times at dances at Sackville Heights Junior High in the Fall of 72 . She was murdered in February the 13 th I believe . My intuition tells me Glen Thompson tried to have sex with her and Karen refused !!

    • Greg says:

      There was absolutely nothing nasty about Karen Quin. She was a very nice young girl.

  6. also at the entrance to the villa my older brothers best freind was killed as he pulled out of the villa a truck hit him in my brothers car ,it was 1979 my brother was 27 his name was Allen MacDonald he died in a motor cycle accident in west gore,The drivers name was Ronnie Lively

  7. Rhonda says:

    I remember Karen Quinn quite well – we hung around together when she lived in the Beaver Bank Villa. Glenn Thompson did in fact murder her – Mary Towriss was the lady that found her. So sad, I still think of her today.

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