I am looking for pics of over the top decorated houses in our area. Please snap pics and submit them to me along with the street name. You can tweet them to me or look at my contact info on my blog. I will probably print off a crazy certificate for the winner. Seeing that my blog has only made me 4 Cents since I have started it, this will be for the glory only, lmao! I may gear up a cool “Sackvegas” prize….and maybe I will see if a local Pizza joint will throw in a pizza for a prize. I will set up a page with a picture gallery so we can see the nominees. I figure we let the Twitter people and my Fbook friends pick the winner. The pic on this post is my entry btw…from Prince Street 🙂

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Just a goofball from Sack-Vegas!

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  1. Lisa Bush says:

    We’ll so get in on this. Best blog entry yet! When’s the deadline? 😀

  2. Lisa Bush says:

    I’m so in on this. Lol. Best blog entry yet!!!

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