Check this out! I saw this on the SBA (Sackville Business Associations) Facebook Page. An aerial veiw of the Schultz Garage and The Bomber Canteen. This is around 1950 and located near the corner of Sackville Drive and Riverside Drive are now. SO cool….I had no idea we had a “Bomber Canteen”!
This is right up there with my fave Sackville pictures ever. This is from the Sackville Heritage Society…I need to get in touch with them for more pics!

Be sure to join Sackville Business Association on Facebook and check out their website:

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  1. don fultz says:

    Great Photo! My Aunt Stella ran the canteen, and her husband Earl(my mother’s brother) ran the garage..great memories there in Sackville in the ’50’s!

  2. Austin Flemming says:

    Earl and Stella are my great grandparents!

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