Hey Jeffy! Can you post something in your blog about common courtesy on the Beaver Bank Road?… It’s a very busy street as we know and I’m always stopping traffic to let someone pull in their driveway or Tims and no one waves as a thank you..I don’t have to do it. I could be rude like most on the Beaver Bank Rd.. But I know how hard it is to get in and out.. Just a simple reminder of some common courtesy to offer a simple wave or flicker of lights to show appreciation..I let about 4 cars out each morning.. And I got 1 wave as a thanks today..since last week..really?  Sackvillians need to be reminded.. 🙂 that’s my rant!

-T Mongomery

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  1. chris says:

    How about NOT stopping on a busy Hwy and letting people out… ever think that is why everybody is getting upset? To stop traffic on Beaver Bank road to let somebody out of Tims is dangerous..nice but dangerous. Causing more accidents than you know about as they are all behind you!

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