Here is a conversation I had on Twitter a little over an hour ago:

@sack_vegas there’s a (presumably) homeless guy sleeping right by the trail at the second lake dog park. Watch your pups

@xKazo Sure he is not some dead dude? Weird to have a homeless person out this way.

@sack_vegas well he was hissing at my dog

@xKazo That is wack! And creepy.

Thoughts?? Do we call and get the.cops to check him out and make sure he is O.K. and not a threat to others? Kids could be wandering around down there…

Update: The guy I was tweeting with saw the cops there later checking the situation out.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Uh, I don’t have kids or dogs, but it sounds like the type of thing where having someone look in on it could be wise. If he’s hissing at dogs he sounds a little unstable. Could need assistance or potentially be a threat to the wrong person who wanders through.

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