A few days back I posted a pic of a retail space on Sackville Drive that looked like it was being prepped to be used again. We were enjoying throwing rumours around Twitter……but I have the real info now!


Ken and Janice Butler who currently own The Great Canadian Dollar store in lower Sackville have seen in the last 3 years the growth of party and rental supplies in HRM and figured it’s time to open a store that sells party supplies, offer rentals and even have an on site licensed event and wedding planner (myself Ashley Butler) Sackville is in need of local businesses, lately 
it feels like we’re losing more than we are gaining with the huge rent increase and now all the stores are flooding to Bedford commons, we want to fill the need in sackville. We have the experience, the motivation and are ready to be Sackvilles first #1 party store!

Name; The Ultimate Party and Event store
Owners: Janice, ken and Ashley butler
Opening: first week of may 2013
Selling: party supplies such as
Birthday 30, 40, 50, 70 +
500 + latex and Mylar balloons including helium
15 + themes
Wedding and bachelorette (including adult novelty bachelorette items)
10+ plain color plates napkins etc
Licences themes like cars, Angry birds and princess , + more
Birthday gag gifts
Rentals and more!

We will keep you updated on the grand opening!

Well there you have it, folks! I think having a planner is a great idea and the supplies and rentals are always handy for our Sacktown bashes. So nice to see a vacant spot get filled up….and with something a lot of us will use.

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