Sackvegas is very Church-y. This is a good quiz for Good Friday. I know we have 8 Timmies and a slew of car dealerships…..but we also have a LOT of Churches! I bet we have over 20…see if you can name all of ’em!

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  1. Sarah says:

    This is a question fit for a postie.
    I’ll do locations unless I know the name.

    1. Temple Baptist off Glendale Ext.
    2. Cobequid Rd. past Suckerbrook
    3. St. Francis by the Lake on First Lake Dr.
    4. St. Elizabeth Seton on Metropolitan Ave.
    5. Stokil just up from Beaverbank Rd.
    6. Jehovah’s at Glendale & Beaverbank
    7. Beaverbank Rd. across from May Garden
    8. Gateway Community on Beaverbank just up from Sackville Dr.
    9. St. John Vianney at Beaverbank & Sackville Dr.
    10. The ice cream church at Sackville Dr. & Millwood
    11. Old church on Old Sackville Rd. by Oland’s hill
    12. Old church on Old Sackville Rd. by Connolly
    13. Old Sackville Rd. at top of Riverside Estates
    14. Knox Church on Sackville Dr. & Florence
    15. Rock Church on Sackville Dr. by Payzant’s
    16. Mormons on MacDougall at Glendale

    That’s all I can think of right now.

  2. Bobby says:

    #10 is the Vinyard Church….but I like the Ice Cream Church! Great call there sarah!!There are also two churches on Stokil…First Baptist and The Pentecostal one across the street. Also one on Windgate Dr (formerly the Beaver Bank/Windsor Junction Cross Rd).

  3. Dave says:

    Don’t forget the Salvation Army on Metropolitan. Everyone forgets that they are a church too! Not just a social service and disaster relief organization.

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