I know this is a hard subject for us to talk about. Sackville has always had a lot of pizza joints. We have a few that have been around for quite a while now but we have seen a lot of them come and go over the years. Name all pizza shops that have come and gone. Name changes count too. Annnddd GO!

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  1. Pizza Jo, New Orleans Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pizza Delight, Dominos, Greco, Primo Pizza, Beaver Bank Pizza

  2. J.P. Crowell says:

    BooBoo’s Pizza… That one goes out to my students that were crushed when it shut down.

  3. Kevin Higgins says:

    My all time favorite was 1/2 Price Pizza, at least thats what we used to call it, it was located on Sackville Drive in what is now a Cash Money Store and next to Hong’s.

  4. Halifax Guy says:

    I don’t know if this counts as it reopened in Halifax.. but I sure miss Little Jo’s

  5. Halifax Guy says:

    Also, Pizza Pie, and Disco Deli Pizza

  6. Uptown69 says:

    Little ceasers

  7. Andrew says:

    Pizza town, jessy pizza

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