This afternoon, during the after school Excel program at Sackville Centennial Elementary School, someone lit some firecrackers on a pathway and scared the kids. It sent some of them running inside and had them pretty scared.
The police were called and they found the firecrackers on the pathway-but no people of course, they were long gone. The kids felt better when they saw the officer take a look around for them for sure. This is not a big incident but it sucks that they had the crap scared out of them.
I have ranted about fireworks and Roman candles being set off in our suburban streets before…waking up babies and getting all the dogs barking. Every cornerstore sells them,even our bowling alley. Someone is selling them to underage people or buying for them. It is more of a tolerable annoyance than anything else….but start scaring the little ones and I quickly lose my sense of humour over it.

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