Word on the street has it that our KFC/Taco Bell will be getting a reno (Hopefully flattened and rebuilt) and that it will be a KFC only!

“When the Sackville KFC/TacoBell is done renos it will just be a KFC”
–This was just tweeted by @HalifaxReTales

Does this mean no Taco Bell at all anywhere in the ‘Sack?? No relocation? It IS crap….but nice to have it here when we want to nurse a nasty hangover.
I will keep an ear to the ground for more info. BAH!

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  1. doug says:

    Burrito jax is far better, and the portions are good. you ever really eat a taco from the ‘bell? I don’t know where they get the meat (tacobell) from…but that ain’t hamburger.

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