ME- I have noticed this petition circulating around on twitter. Sounds good to me! Above is a link to the site…below is an explanation of what it is all about that I copied. Good for Brandon Brown to step up and try to get things done!

NEW Sports Facility In SACKVILLEread petition
SPONSORED BY:Brandon Brown
Tired of traveling to Halifax daily just to practice or train for your sport? Are you tired of watching apartment buildings be built in places that a new sports facility could have been built? And are you tired of running into problems booking school gyms and being over charged in your own community? I know I am ! I spoke out in 2005 about our community not having that sports facility that can accommodate the sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and more. The halifax area is full of them and why should we have to travel out there when we should have our own HOME facility for our residents. There are many of opportunites and lots of people willing to help raise this issue, my life evolves around helping the youth excel in sports and go to college instead of hanging out on the streets drinking and doing drugs. Help me so that I can help all of us make this facility happen and make a positive change, something that should have been done in the first place. With this building we can provide more jobs and give the young adults a chance at running their own camps or helping with some. Please sign, thats all you have to do. I am not asking you to buy anything, just support the future.

Please specify which sport you would be in support of of (basketball, volleyball badminton, other or ALL) Just we have an estimate on where our target market is !  less
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