I have read two tales about dogs being left in cars in Sackville lately. Both times, the owners were talked to and both times they got quite shitty about it. Check these out:

#1 (From Nicolle Bellefontaine)

EPITOME OF INSANE: was talking to Tanya Moss
 in Bedford Commons when woman & daughter get out of their vehicle and go inside PETS UNLIMITED…moments later, we realized they left their WESTIE pup inside their SUV! WTF?! Pets Unlimited would have ALLOWED her to bring the dog inside…and she was both indignant and dismissive when we approached her! The P.Ultd. staffer said YESTERDAY, an AMBULANCE was called to remove a child who had been left in a vehicle in the same parking lot. Jeff Nielsen
 can you remind your blogging community to be on the look out for these ARROGANT citizens of Sackville? ARRRRRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

#2 (From Tim S) Not quite as eloquent as Nicolle…Hahahaha

Some asshole had his two dogs in his truck at noon today in the handicap spot at Canadian Tire with the windows barely rolled down. As I went in to report this the old prick came out and I confronted him telling him how much of an ass he was and how would he like it if I put him in the truck and left him there? He said nothing and walked right by me and got in his truck and left. Scumbag! It amazes me just how stupid people can be!

(Me) Want to help make a difference? Check this link and like the Fbook page and sign the petition!


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