What would you like to see in the Sackville area? Any certain  restaurants, stores, fun things to do…whatever.  I have a pretty good idea what some of them will be. I look forward to answers and I’ll compile them all from twitter and my Fbook page and blog and  share them sometime soon. Annnddd GO!

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  1. Nicolle says:

    More sit-down restaurants…a designated dog park…an IKEA would be awesome!

  2. Janet says:

    I would like to see the stigma of Sackville disappear. I dont understand the stigma still here. It’s not cheap to live here. My property taxes in Middle Sackville off Margeson are $3350/year. I would like to see the stigma of “because you live in Sackville, you’re poor,” go away. Its NOT cheap to live here. Im tired of people saying Sackville cant sustain nice things like a Starbucks etc.

    It looks like Sackville is undergoing a new transformation which is good to see. Twin Brooks and McCabe lake and Margeson are all brand new. Downsview is getting a face lift. I just think other establishments should try to keep up with the trend and clean things up.

    I would like to see better retail, more high end restaraunts so we dont rely on the “shady 80” to get us downtown to have a nice meal out. The public transportation out here really sucks, so it would be nice to have things here that keep us here. A nice restaurant or a nice pub would be great. Forget the dive bars. We would support local.

    • Nielsen says:

      I agree 100%. We are not poor and if the proper businesses set up shop here we can easily keep them going. I do think some pressure needs to be put on the existing places to clean up. I see a lot of shabby/broken signs around and they drive me nuts.

  3. A HOTEL! This has the potential to meet numerous needs!!! Somewhere you can have your wedding reception or big party, book a conference room, have a decent, sit down meal and swim in the pool complete with water slide, maybe there could even be a bar/pub.
    A Super 8 would fit nicely up by Wheaton’s!

    • Janet says:

      Sackville can do better than a Super 8. Sackville needs to think bigger. This is exactly what’s wrong with Sackville. We could do a Hampton Inn like the one thats in Dartmouth Crossing. We should think a little higher of ourselves than only being able to support a Super 8. I know I wouldnt want to get married at a Super 8. We can do better!!!

    • Rob says:

      100% agree. A hotel is badly needed.

  4. Janet says:

    Why cant we get a Keg restaurant here? Every time I go down town to the Keg, there’s usually always a long wait. Why cant we support something like that here. Id like to see a nice restaurant like the Keg with a bar side. People that live here make good money and support all the Chinese restaurants, pizza joints and Boston Pizza so why not a Keg?

  5. Russell says:

    I would like to see a by-law that does not allow any more used car lots….and would limit the number so if one closes, no new one could open in the same spot until that number has been hit.

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