The other day I tweeted about changing the lyrics of the song “In The Navy” by the Village People to “On The 80”. This is to honor our infamous bus route. Here is our first submission by Brenda H :

“Something you tweeted this morning stuck in my head ALL.. BLASTED.. DAY
So this is my contribution..”

On the 80

Where can you find people napping,
grumpy old men snapping,
reading the Metro or their books,

Where can you go ride,
through the cities’ other side.
and suffer all the nasty looks.

Young mother’s giving lessons
homework full of guessin’s
Other’s giving school the hooks

Travel to the city
work’s bound to be shitty
Riding with all these sooks

On the 80
You smell what the people ate
On the 80
Emos faking sadness and their hate
On the 80
Come on people give up your seat
on the 80, She’s almost 80
Her maker’s she’s about to meet
on the 80
fighting couple about cash
On the 80
I’m sure that that guy’s got a ‘stashe

Oh look at that guy dash!!
to the 80,
on the 80

Back door please, back door please
through these people, I have to squeeze.

If you’re making plans for,
connecting with your transfer
today will just not be your day.

Sipping on your coffee
hoping the driver don’t see
It’s Timmie’s  just your way.

Guys who desperately need a comb
Girls look like they’re just going home.
But who am I truly to say.

People running for the bus now
slept in yet again, wow.
We’re already late any way!
On the 80,

Smelling everyone when it’s hot
on the 80
started the morning with some pot?
On the 80
Baby thug life’s by the score
on the 80
Someone’s blocking the back door
On the 80
where’s somethin’s “dope” or “that’s so whack”
on the 80
pull your pants up I see your crack
on the 80
Smartphones in everybody’s hand
on the 80
We’re all leaving Sack-Vegas Land.
On the 80  on the 80.

“It’s all yours to hum in your head alone now 😀 Have a great Night!”

Muhahah! Thanks for the chuckle… can anyone out there top this? More lyrics or maybe a Youtube vid? I would love to see it performed with an acoustic guitar 🙂

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