So Sackville has a “Newfie Lane” and a lady complained about it. I am not from NFLD so I can’t really comment much. I will leave it up to people from the Rock.  Can I call it “The Rock”? LOL
I have recently taken heat for the Sackvegas nickname and I think you all know how I feel about fun nicknames. I hope this lady knows that there is a “Newfie Lane” or “Newfie Corner” at every campground around here for seasonal campers.
Anyway, I would really like to hear from actual Newfoundlanders about this. It’s your issue and if it is offensive then that’s fine by me.


Newfie Lane

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Just a goofball from Sack-Vegas!

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  1. I am a Newfie and proud of it. 😀

  2. Bobby says:

    This is a tribute, not an insult. Where is it anyway? I have never heard of it

  3. Liz benteau says:

    I know one of the residents on Newfie Lane. Fact is, everyone living on the lane are Newfield and they are the ones who named it! That lady who complained needs to chill.

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