Sackville blogger and well known animal activist L.A. Bowden lets it fly at the minor hockey system. Below is an exerpt, above is a link to her entire blog post. Thoughts on this? I am not a hockey Dad so I really have no experience with this stuff.



” I know I’m not the only parent frustrated and disappointed with minor hockey in Nova Scotia. Perhaps people should stand up for their children!

Good afternoon Darren & Todd,
I wanted to email the two of you in a joint message so we may be able to come up with a resolution to the issues I have noticed.
I am beyond livid with the results of the Sackville Minor Hockey tryouts this season. Last year there were two B Teams to accommodate the kids trying out, this year one B Team. So, knowing that Doug Smith would be the coach of the AA team this season if you look at the kids who were selected to fill the 2nd created B team last year there are quite a few kids who have somehow ended up on the AA Team this year? I am confused as to why 2-B teams last year…”

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  1. Lisa Butler says:

    Jeff…I am disappointed in you! Can’t believe that you gave this airtime! Ridiculous!!!

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