Breaking Sackvegas food news! Check this out, Midday Bistro is moving into the spot that once  housed Boo Boo’s Pizza (up by Staples call centre). I checked their Fbook page and the food and selection looks pretty good at the Dartmouth location.
I have been wondering what has been going on over there…and now we know! Does anyone have any reviews about the Dartmouth one?
Also, what’s this about a pizza shop??



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  1. Anonymous says:

    The dartmouth location is awesome and always busy. As soon as I gave them a try I was hooked! Quality ingredients go a long way for me so I love the place!

  2. Kristy Wager says:

    Great Food! So excited It is coming to Sackville!!!!

  3. shelby williams says:

    I’ve heard many great reviews and I have enjoyed sandwiches and they were awesome!!!!

  4. Tammy Smith says:

    Love the sandwiches. Quality across the board. I can’t wait to try the pizza!

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