-Pic submitted by Nancy Hayden

Look at this old advertisement for the Corral! Good times 🙂

We are wondering what year it closed.  Also, there seems to be some people saying it was upper level and some saying lower level. Was it in one location and then moved to another? I remember outside stairs to an upper level one near the end of its existence.

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  1. greg barber says:

    Upper level in the beginning at same location as the Blind Tiger, then moved to lower level.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I remember when it was upper level, then it moved to the lower level between carlton cards and A buck or two.

  3. Sarah says:

    I can’t say exactly when it closed, but I clearly remember being there in 1998. It was not long after that it closed. At that point it was on the lower level of the mall by the Biway location. You could enter it from a little staircase on the outside of the mall too.

  4. bottie says:

    I remember being in that bar many moons ago! In the 80’s I think.

  5. Stephanie saulnier says:

    1997 or 98 I believe…
    What a party, we were there!

  6. Steve says:

    i was in one of the last few bands to play there, (Runnin On Empty) pretty sure it was 98-99 if i recall

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