Yeah, yeah, we have a lot of pizza shops here in Sackville. So what? Choice is a good thing! So…which place serves the best ‘za? I have set up a poll below and have listed all the pizza joints in random order. All you have to do is click on your fave to cast your vote. I am sticking with traditional pizza places, so bigger restaurants will not be included in this poll. I’ll get to Sackville  restaurants some other day. I’m really interested to see which ones are in the top few…and bottom few. Please feel free to drop a comment about why you like/dislike a certain place.


Note: This is for favourite *pizza*. I will have other polls in the future for fave donair, sub, etc. So, if you like different items from different places keep this in mind when voting. Be sure to click the “VOTE” button after making your selection. It is set up so you can’t stuff the ballot too…so play fair !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I find most of the pizza places, lately, don’t seem to cook their pizza long enough and it’s too doughy. My family has order from Papa Mario’s, Mom’s, Pizzatown, Alexandra’s and Jessy’s within the past few months and the best pizza so far has been from Jessy’s. All the other place’s pizzas were waaay too doughy for our liking – which is a shame because we loved the taste of the Tuscany pizza from Pizzatown but the dough wasn’t cooked enough.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Tuscany is an awesome pizza. Try ordering on traditional thin crust from pizzatown and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

    • Hey Anonymous… I really appreciate your comment about Pizzatown. Here is a siugegstion, you can order the Tuscany Pizza anytime on Hand Tossed dough or the traditional crust. You can also order the deep dish thin crust. We are set up for all of those options for those who do not enjoy fully proofed dough. 🙂 just a suggestion

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s a toss up between Randy’s and Pizzatown, both are delicious and both have different tastes. Depends on what I am in the mood for!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I miss Pizza Delight 😦

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pizza Girls is the only place I’ll ever get pizza again ! Their pizza is cooked properly and the toppings are fresh and over all the pizza is delicious.

  5. Tara Lisson says:

    Romy’s is a small, family owned business. I try to support the local, family owned business when I can. Aside from that, the food is always quality and service very friendly. It is nice when people know who you are, ask after your family, etc. It’s about community! I always order my pizza from Romys! If you want extra cheese, you won’t be dissapointed!

  6. Pizza girls forever…. well, the ORIGINAL owners, anyway! Still the best after 15 years.

  7. Pizzatown Sackville has become my favorite now. All their pizzas are great, but the Donair pizza is almost an addiction now. Other places, even Jessy’s got sloppy, not what first attracted me there, I have moved on. PizzaGirls? They had so many names that even MOMS don’t know anymore. Is it a bad location? Bad Pizza? The same staff and pizza have survived other name changes, I’ve lost track. I won’t mention the others, but I’ve tried them all.
    NUMBER ONE IS PIZZATOWN! Comfy lounge, Free WiFi, Nice TV, Fireplace, friendly staff, fast service, delivery.. Donairs to die for, and so many other things on the menu that I will be years trying them all. I never had Pizza so often, as I have since I discovered Pizzatown.

    Did I mention their Donair Pizza? 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      i live in Berwick now, but grew up in sackville and Pizzatown has stole my heart. haha … whenever i am in the area i always make sure to grab a slice to eat on the way home, and whenever i have co workers working in that area they call me and ask me where to eat pizza… no questions. pizzatown!!! 🙂

  8. James says:

    Pizzadelic is the best. Hand tossed not greasy pan pizza. Definitely the best in Sackville and the HRM

    • Anonymous says:

      Pizzatown also serves hand tossed dough. Remember that before we were Pizzatown on Cobequid Road, we were Primo and served the same pie as P-Delic. All you have to do is ask!

      • Anonymous says:

        Primo was same owners as pizzadelic not pizzatown. Sold as it was too close to their other location. No comparison to pan pizza served at pizza town. Both good but totally different.

    • Pizzatown also serves hand tossed traditional crust if you prefer that over the fully proofed deep dish pizza. 🙂 All you have to order is “traditional crust” or hand tossed. Remember we were Primo Pizza before taking over Pizzatown a year ago… and before we owned it , that Primo shop was owned by the same franchise owner as P-delic. Virtually Same Menu and same taste.

      • B says:

        Primo was owned by the owner of the entire pizzadelic franchise. No affiliation with pizzatown whatsoever!!!!! No recipes were passed on upon sale……. If you want Primo Pizza call Pizzadelic

  9. pizzaguy says:

    Jk pizza is cheating ive heard he found a way to keep voteing for himself over and over again

  10. pizzaguy says:

    Haha i dont even think 600 people know where jks pizza is haha

  11. Pizzaguy1 says:

    Pizza girls is the cheating culprit… I’m amazed on how they have gotten over 450 votes in the past 24 hours. JK’s has been working hard to get people to vote…

  12. Love pizza says:

    Kinda of weird how pizza girls got over 300 votes overnight. Cough* cheat*.

    And I agree. Romy’s is a small place with amazing pizza. Veggie pizza there is the best if you ask me. And the best staff!

  13. Joesph says:

    Disco Deli by far cant see how theyve recieved so little votes here they clearly have the best pizza in sackville if not nova scotia

    • Joan says:

      Who are they? Was on Sackville drive and can’t find this place. Does not matter – didn’t know before and still don’t know who or where they are. Lmao

  14. Anonymous says:

    Pizza girls has gone completely down hill, probably the manager on there last night all night. The sackville one is by far the worst manager, and customer service at that. I recommended all other pizza girls- that he has nothing to do with!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    You gotta remember before Jk pizza was Jks it was Haddads pizza which has been around as long as I can remember ( im 33 years old)and I’m pretty sure they are running the same ovens and mona’s recipes which makes the pizza the best, so there would be a large following from Upper Sackville and many others

  16. phil says:

    Come on people let’s get disco deli to the top where utter belongs

  17. Pizzaguy2 says:

    Joseph, you’re making me gag, honestly.

  18. Pizzaguy2 says:

    You too, Phil.

  19. Nick says:

    Hey Sackvillians… this pizza thingg is really crazy my friends and ,me dig the new pizzatown on Cobequid. used to go to Jessy and Pizzadelic and none of them have any better slice deal than Pizzatown. it is NOT like the old place at all. we think that those guys over there are the best and who cares about your poll when we go at lunch it is hard to find a seat. to me that speaks a volume bout them and their pie Actually, I hope you all stay at those other places.. then theere will be a seat for me at Pizzatown. those guys got it! love love love pizzatown wake up sackville, elevate your taste.. thnx Nick

  20. Anonymous says:

    ………agrees with my buddy Nick! Pizzatown all the way. #sackvillehighskoolhangout

    • Joan says:

      You know. I just realized what the hash tag meant, the teenagers like this place. I am happy they have a place to hang out.

  21. Anonymous says:

    thay evn let us play guiter and sing there.Best donair egg rolls in town Pizatown #1

  22. Anonymous says:

    ive tried Jessies, pizzadelic, alexanders(yuck!) and randys… nones hold a candle to pizzatown by the hospital. I HATED pizzatown but whatever they are putting in their zzzaaaa my huband and me can’t get enogh of their pizza. Started following them on twitter and they have the best deal evey monday or tuesday night. always friendly, never hurry you out the door, always have time to chat, sit in thise georgeous leather chairs and definatley the best pizza ever. pizzatown sackville is #1 i will try out JK pizza, everyone seems to like them but it is a hike from my house. also , one last thing, the new joint on sackville, Pappa mammas or what ever it is called is gross! thought i would try it friday. my daughter would not eat it. she is a picky eater and she wants pizzatown next friday. sorry to cheat on you but it convinced us never to cheat again. LOL. we are ordering the tuesday madness special tonight. not even sure what it is yet but it will be 20$ and they are programmed into my phone 8655555 ! sackville, get off pizza strip, get onto cobequid road by the hospital and i dont meen Jessies pizza either. pizzatown for us.

  23. J- says:

    @ anonymous. I would have to agree. Haddad’s has been a lengend and around for a long long time. I know a lot of people don’t have to a reason to venture up that far “into the woods” haha but if you want amazing food. That’s where it’s at. Now called, jk’s pizza, still great if you ask me

    And I know this is about pizza. But thought I would share. My g/f father just got a donair plate 2 days ago and has been deathly sick puking his guts up sence. And what do you know couple hours later I found out the same thing happened to one of my friends. By the way this was from jessy’s pizza. Just wanted to see if it happened to anyone else. Shit like this sucks.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Mr Sackvegas I am happy to find your blog as i was gonna come here and tell you what happened last night at PapaMarios pizza on Sackville drive. Went in, they were dead! Not only was I the only customer, but their phone never rang once. Ordered their pizza deal. Sat for 35 minutes for what seemed to be no reason at all, got my pizza, took it home and my son and I started vomiting about two hours later. He stayed home from school today and I think something in the pizza was bad. Just starting to feel better now. I will never go back there again. I like Jessies and I have tried JK pizza. Not bad but based on the comments I see here, I think I will dry PizzaDelic and Pizzatown in the future. Sorry Papa, you made me sick. I clicked on a vote so thanks for the opportunity to speak up 😦

  25. Anonymous says:

    i just voted. I live in Bridgewater now and work at Michelin tire plant here. When I lived in Sackville I discovered Pizzatown & when ever I go home we always order. There is a pizzatown here in the strip mall beside the Superstore in Bridgewater so we have switched to eating there. just my 2cents worth. keep up the great work sack vegas.

  26. Wayne says:

    Pizzatown in Sackville in the only place my son will eat at because he loves their Gluten free pizzas plus they’re the only place I know for sure that has gluten free pepperoni and since he’ll only eat pepperoni its a win-win for us.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what all you guys are thinking about but PIZZATOWNN is by far the best pizza place in sackville. Dough is always tasting fresh. Toppings are fresh unlike jessys because they’re toppings look like food scraps. Haha. I’ve loved pizzatown ever since it moved to cobequid. If you haven’t tried PIZZA TOWN yet you’re missing out!!!! Pizzatown all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Greg G says:

    Voted Pizzatown! Best in my opinion. Started following their twitter Feed and now it is the only place I order. The rest make pizza on card board. I am amused by the others with big numbers on here. They can cheat the numbers using in private browsing.

  29. Patrick says:

    Had Pizzatown pizza from the new shop on Cobequid Road tonight. Good value. Excellent taste and good selection of pizzas. Friendly staff on phone and in person. Got my vote.

  30. Brenda from Millwood says:

    Just voted. Very pleased to give a vote for Pizza town. We stopped buying from them a couple of years ago and swore we’d never eat there again! Then when over at the hospital, we dropped in for a slice and wow., what were we thinking? We have their menu in the car, on the fridge and always order Friday night! And yes,sometimes it takes an hour for delivery but so what! Consistent taste and lately Hot delivery. Their delivery driver is all excited about new heated bags. Love their innovation and great customer service. Happy to cast my vote. Is it Friday yet? 😉

  31. Alisha says:

    Pleased as well to give my vote to pizza town. Best pizza and egg rolls

  32. Greg says:

    Wow. This looks like a Pizzatown blog. I am voting for pizzadelic. Good quality pizza. If I had a second vote it would go to Pizzatown

  33. Tony Millwood Subdivision says:

    Pizza Friday. I tried Pizzatown tonight. Nice fast service and their Facebook offer was amazing deal. Food arrived hot. Best pizza I had in a while. Definitely got my vote there tonight.

    • Lynn says:

      We ordered pizza town tonight too. Lol. We live in millwood. Maybe they should open a shop in millwood. It was very fast service and hot when it got here. Just voted. Good luck

  34. Amanda says:

    We like Jessie’s pizza. Hard to switch. Hate pizzadelic & Randy’s pizza Did not even know Pizzatown was still in business in Sackville. Thought they closed last year.

    • Glenda says:

      Whaaaatty! Wtf. Jessie’s sucks and Pizzatown closed , or so I thought. I am a die hard pizzadelic fan!

      • Jerry Downs says:

        Agree! Jessy’s do suck! And Pizza Town is very much alive and well across from the Subway on Cobequid Road. Alway a line up on Friday night there and well worth it. Try it. 🙂

  35. Alice says:

    Ordered from pizza girl tonight. It took an hour to be delivered and it was cold. Called them and they said. “What do you expect on a cold night?” Are you serious about your business? And I voted for you guys too. You can subtract one vote from theirs.

  36. Joan and Randy. Lower Sackville says:

    I drive out to JK pizza tonight. Not busy at all. Their food was pretty good. Not worth the drive way out there just for a pizza. It was cold by the time i got the pizza home. I honestly did not know how many places there were to buy pizza in Sackville until I saw your list mr vegas. Not sure my favorite. I like going to Boston pizza but never order their pizza.

  37. First Lake Drive lower Sackville says:


    I have tried most on the list here while living in Sackvegas. Hahaha. Moved here from apartment livin in halifax. Some on here I do not recognize. Right now our family prefer Pizza Town on Cobequid Road. Close To my house; consistent pizza, great customer service; my teenagers go there and buy slices at lunch and hang out- happy they have a place for that- all around a great pizza joint.

  38. Graham says:

    Now to find out which greese ball company employs a driver up on child Porn… I think a boycott in order

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