— Here is one for you Sackville experts:

Debby Kellner > sack-vegas.com

“Hey there, you seem to have a good following of folk who may know this.

What was the name of the store in Downsview mall. It was at the head of the tunnel from KMart, on the right as you first entered the mall. Later it became part of A & W. IT was a sort of import store, full of trinkets, ornaments, etc. The couple were from Iran? Tehran? I am not sure, I just was trying to remember the name of it. Early 80s……..Thanks”

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  1. Kevin says:

    It was a Bi-Way wasnt it? Im trying to remember myself!

  2. Beth Sinnis says:

    sorry I don’t remember… I remember A & W and across from it a little book store, the barber shop and the bowling ally… K-Mart is usually where I was headed. 🙂

  3. Gina says:

    Nope, I remember it, it was like a trinket shop, with jade elephants and fans and bottles with the bluenose in it and stuff like that, wasn’t it? Not a clue what the name was, I want to say Taj Mahal or something like that.

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