Alrighty, the poll has closed and this is what we have. I want to make it clear this is In no way a scientific poll and only a small fraction of Sackvillans voted here. It looks to be ~kind of~ in the ballpark with some of our long serving places near the top. We definitely have a “Big 4 or 5”. There are a few things that stood out to me here:

#1 JK’s Pizza in middle Sackville recieved the most votes. When their vote count went way up, there were allegations of ballot stuffing and I don’t this this is the case. They are out in Middle Sacktown, have a loyal following and their people and fans spread the link around and got the votes through social media. I say good for them! I think this poll has helped get them a bit of positive exposure….I had no idea they were out there 🙂 That’s my take on that, it’s not really fair to compare that vote tally with the heavily divided “pie” from the strip.

#2 I could be wrong, *but* I have a gut feeling some of the jokesters who follow me put a drive on to get Disco Deli to the top. I’m sure they make a wonderful pie but I am not sure reality would have them up with Randy’s. I *could* be wrong though 😉

#3 16 votes seperate the bottom 8 places. This is interesting and it tells me there is no clear “loser” here. We are a severely divided town when it comes to pizza.

Anyway, thanks for voting, and I plan on doing this again next year. We do have some newer places like Mom’s and Papa Marios’ s and the low votes for them may be a reflection of that. I have a lot of other thoughts on this crazy-at-times exercise, but I will turn it over to you guys and gals to discuss.

Please remember, this was just a fun poll and it is to be taken with a BIG grain of salt.


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  1. Patricia Cormier says:

    Where is jk pizza in middle sackville

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