Remember Camille’s Fish & Chips? Where was it located in Sackville and also, where was the original location in N.S.?

I wonder if there are any locations still around?

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  1. originally it was where Brian’s barbershop is then it moved down in the strip mall next to the library I think

  2. Tina says:

    Camille’s was in the little plaza just past the library across the street from Burger King. It was right on the corner. I believe there is an insurance company there now. It was also the Newfoundland store. Camille’s was also in Dartmouth on Portland street by the old Zellers. We ate at the Sackville one frequently when I was in high school.

    • S. Doyle says:

      Yes, Tina, you are correct for Sackville. There was a chain of Camille’s opened at this time after the original family owners sold it. It just did not taste like the original recipe the two old girls use to make. There were two original Camille’s Fish & Chips, one on Barrington across from the Naval yard and the other one was on, I think, Agricola St or that area.

  3. Phyllis Collier says:

    There was one on Barrington Street too I think. Like Barrington and Cornwallis maybe?

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