This fine young student is looking to raise a few hundred bucks for cancer research. Feel free to help out. I think there was a friendly competition between Milly and SHS last year if I’m not mistaken. It’s nice to see our young men and women get involved with stuff like this. We shall see what happens this year!

“I’m doing a fundraiser with my school called Shave for the brave and I am looking for donations of any amount! 100% of the money goes to cancer research to help kids that have cancer get treatment. Please take 5 minutes or less out of your day and help me with my goal of $300! If your Interested there will be a link below to the online method of donation or send me message and ill come by and pick it up. Any donations over 20 u will be provided with a receipt.

Thanks in advance Skyler Belval.”;jsessionid=341F8497BE4D7858CF85F036C0BDE5BF.app332a?1580.donation=form1&idb=1735583481&df_id=1580&FR_ID=2770&PROXY_ID=1111305&PROXY_TYPE=20

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