I read a lot of discussions about downtown Halifax. Most of the chatter is from the residents there (makes sense) and they are always suggesting things that will improve downtown like bike lanes, community gardens, stuff like that.
There seems to be a common theme floating around that I feel misses the mark: “we are losing businesses  because of poor transit and lack of parking”.  I disagree with this excuse and feel most of us would head in if we had the right reasons, crappy transit/parking perception and all.
We all know shopping DT has been pretty much obliterated by the business parks and in turn the restaurant biz has suffered some because of it.
So, with shopping not really a major factor anymore I am wondering what would make us go downtown and spend our bucks again? What types of events and businesses would you like to see down there? As a parent, I would like to see more things to take the kids in to see. The new Discovery Centre plan is a good example of something that will get us in there.
Anyway, I do like Halifax….I just like poking at some who look down their noses at us ‘burb dwellers. It sucks to see all the empty spaces down there so I figured why not have a little brainstorming session amongst us suburbanites!

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