Hopefully this dispute can get resolved:


Victoria MacDougallsack-vegas.com

“Help spread the word that @CanadianTire Lower Sackville are terrible mechanics and have terrible customer service! Please help me get my money back. After 3 days of them “fixing” our van’s emergency brake, we finally got it back with everything broken. They sent us to the Dodge dealership and told us they would pay to have it fixed. They changed their mind after we had it diagnosed. $600 may not be a lot to them but they are taking food from my kids mouths! Thanks for nothing. Please share and let everyone know that the Lower Sackville Canadian Tire will NOT take care of you or your car. I really hope the $600 was worth it.”



I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with any issues/rants I share for people on here.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    It’s about time someone went public about Canadian tire, sackville! I’ve only gone there twice and will never return again. The first time was for an oil change that took 3 hours, when they were finally done they told me they had broken the dipstick so I’ll have to order another one. So I did so, and paid out of my own pocket. The second time was to get my new summer tires on and winters (also new) off. This also took around 5 or 6 hours total, I had forgotten one tire at home (my fault) but it wasn’t until an hour and a half in (and after taking all the tires on the car off) they told me about this. I had to wait for my tires to be put back on, drive home and get the missing tire and come back and start over again. I had clearly told them I wanted the tires back they had took off, seeing it was a brand new car with new tires that only saw about 2 months of surface. When I left it wasn’t until I was on the road that i realized they had kept my old tires. I went back and confronted them, taking the tires back, never to return again. I have a friend that knows a few people that work at that location and they told me they were trying to steal my tires! They often do that, then sell the tires on the side to make some pocket money. I’ve written letters to Canadian tire and have never once heard anything back. I can’t believe the low quality if service that’s been going on there for years, wil nothing being done. I know people that have worked there and did not have any qualifications, some were still in high school!

    • Dale says:

      well if this is true then you should talk with your friends that work there and tell them that you are unhappy with them ripping you off after all you say they are YOUR Friends I would just find better friends

    • srussell says:

      we also had an oil change today and they broke our dipstick again we had to pay for anew one – there is no customer service at all…

      • Dale says:

        Perhaps you should post the name of the person you were dealing with
        as I am sure that not all the people that work there are the same in which
        case it is unfair to brand them all the same .Did anyone call the service manager
        or store manager . Its Just not right to paint everone with the same brush so to speak
        Maybe the problem is just one person and that person can be dealt with
        So let us know how things work out with the service manager

      • Nielsen says:

        I’m wating for an update. I worked at Bedford Crappy Tire for 12 years and it is true, there are good and bad mechanics and good and bad management. The car fixing game is one messy racket.

  2. Carl says:

    I had dropped off 2 rims here and wanted one tire taken off one rim and put on another told them I didn’t need it till the next day 3 days later I had to go and actually stand there and get them to do it while I watched

  3. Danny Devine says:

    I went to Canadian Tire Sackville and bought two struts for the front end of my car. They told me to bring my car in the next morning. My car was there by 7am, I called at 12 noon to see how it was going. They said they never got to it. So I called at 5 and was told first thing tomorrow morning. They kept my car overnight in the garage. I called at noon, they said I should bring my car in to get the work done. After being on hold for 30 minutes they came back and said they found my car but would not be able to do the work till the next day because “I” should of called and told them where my car was! I called the next morning to tell them where my car was and was treated like an idiot, they stated of course we know where my car was! I was assured the work would be done that day for sure. I called at 3 pm and was told that they sold my parts to someone else. I was given a refund. whit no explanation. I was never mean or nasty to anyone. I just wanted my car fixed. Over the course of the of the 4 days of dealing with them I spoke to several people and not even one treated me with respect.

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