This is a very timid cat that has been hanging around the Cockburn area in Sackville. It’s hanging out in a little shelter. Is it yours? Message me if it is!

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Just a goofball from Sack-Vegas!

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  1. Christine Smith says:

    This could be my cat missing since January,where exactly are you at?

  2. Monica says:

    Could this cat be Cling, posted by Christine Smith on this site?

  3. Nancy MacNeil says:

    My cat has been missing for a year and half. It’s unlikely that it’s mine but since the picture is so fuzzy it’s hard to tell. He was always very friendly, loved people but if he’s been on his own for this long, who knows what his personality is now. If you can get a better picture or let me know when he’s around, I can come and take a look.

  4. Terri Gale says:

    Can you give provide more details on kitty. Exact location. I operate a lost and found group for cats for the Sackville and Bedford area and we would like to see if this kitty could possibly he one we have posted missing.
    The Watchcats Lost and Found Cats Sackville and Bedford

  5. Christine says:

    More info on this cat,please

  6. Terri Gale says:

    Would the person who is feeding this kitty please contact me. If this kitty is indeed a stray, The Watchcats group would like to rescue him.

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