It looks like the old Shell station on Sackville Drive Is about to be flattened or seriously renovated. I wonder what’s in store for this spot? Another Shell? A different station?  Something altogether different? What about the U-Haul part of the biz? Many questions!

I think it’s about time for the old place to go – the missing signage on the overhead canopy drove me nuts! I did hear good things about their garage and I wonder if the owners have plans for another bay or two if another station is planned?

I could probably make a couple calls and get answers but that’s no fun! Why don’t we speculate for a while until someone with knowledge about the spot chimes in?  Yeah, lets do that!

Maybe I’ll sneak in a quick quiz:

How long has this place been in business?

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  1. Rhonda says:

    I heard from a person that works there that there will be a Shell returning, but with a Needs store as well and new pumps.

  2. anita says:

    back in the 70s a guy I think Shawn Lloyd (not sure of name) had the station, he was honest and awesome to deal with

  3. jim jordan says:

    I remember it when it was a white rose..back in the late 60’s…and I always went there to put air in my tire / tires…it had the fastest / most pressure to fill your tires in all of Sackville

  4. David says:

    It will be a new Needs store

  5. tyler says:

    Its a Needs. Friends mother owns a few of them in Sackville so I asked her, she said YUP

  6. Ellen Brown says:

    It will be reopening as a Needs Store with a Shell Gas Bar , May or June 🙂

  7. Russell says:

    Maybe it will make its triumphant return with happier helpful employees…wouldn’t that be nice?

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