This is unbelievable! People went to drop kiddos off this morning and they were greeted by a locked door!

Not cool.

Karen Kearney >

“Cobequid Children’s Center had a notice on the door that it was permanently closed and the phone number of one of the owners has been disconnected. Anyone know why?”

” ….. we were dropping our kids off today and there was a sign in the door saying they are permanently closed after 13 years. Even the staff showing up didn’t have a clue what was going on. Owners cell has been disconnected…”



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  1. leslie says:

    You can all thank the GOVERMENT for letting these American based super daycares open and not caring about these little ones that been here for years ,Thanks for nothing

    • Anonymous says:

      My daughter was in this school for almost a year. In that time she had pink eye 7 times, constantly had colds causing he to have asthma attacks, when I said something to the owner she accused me of having an unsanitary home. My daughter cried everday when I dropped her off and was crying alone in a corner when I picked her up. Ive picked her up with a diper so full it was soaking through her pants. Ive heard, and been told, about certain teachers yelling at the children. Tax reciepts were incorrect by thousands of dollars and when I asked to have them corrected it took 5 weeks and there was always an excuse for them not being ready. I dont regret for a second that they are shut down. I feel bad for the teachers, parents and most of all the children who and impacted by this.

  2. Shelley says:

    Can’t say I’m suprised….high staff turn over..staff let go for no reason..watered down milk…no flexibility with owners

  3. Rachael says:

    I have vacancies in my in home day care.

    I also set up a FB page last week to unite parents seeking care with providers who had places available. You can join it here :

  4. Carole says:

    FIRST MEMORIES DAYCARE-Some spaces available, licensed for 18 months- 12 yrs. Full Pres-school Program incorp. into our day. 289 Beaver Bank Rd (close to Glendale). References available. In business for 16 yrs. 865-7003

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