Bingo fans: 7:15 Thursday May 1 at the Forum – Be there!

This is to raise funds for the Relay For Life in #Sackville.

Check the link below for all deets!

We had a ball last year. It was a great turn out and we raised lots of funds. A couple of us even won which was fantastic.

Celebrate Friday Eve with a fun bunch of peeps and all for a good cause. Maybe you’ll win too! Go with some of your besties, make it a family thing, or a night out with your co-workers…

The double game book is 15 bucks, $10.00 of which goes toward our fundraising goal!! $10.00 donated per person!! What a great opportunity to raise lots of money!! 

We can E-MAIL YOU THE VOUCHER or give it to you in person. When you pay for your double game book, you hand in your voucher and that’s how we get credit. DON’T FORGET YOUR VOUCHER, but if you do, come find one of us in our “Relay For Life” t-shirts and we’ll give you a new one.

We would love to see you there!



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