Here is a question that has been submitted to  Can anyone fill us in? Many parks? None?

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“Question for you where are there any off leash parks left in sackville for our poor dogs to run??”

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  1. Bran says:

    A few places I’ve been taking my pup is up at Weir Field (Upper Sack), Eddie LeBlanc (Off First Lake), and there’s a long loop up in Fall River which takes about 1 hr to walk the pups. Even if some of these may be out of the Lower Sackville range, they are worth the drive to let your dogs have the freedom they need!

  2. And just past Weir Field…. o.3 km there is a ball field by the Fire Station on Patton Rd. where I usually go with my greyhounds because the gates close better there.

  3. Bernie says:

    Off first lake drive is three baseball fields all very closely situated together. I know one of the three is off leash all year, I think the middle one might also be off leash all year (it definitely is for the winter), and the third one is a no-go as they use it for baseball.

    I don’t know officially when the summer-ban takes effect, but in the winter there’s a ball field directly across Old Beaverbank Road from the Superstore that’s off-leash and is awesome.

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