New sign on Sackville Drive! Remember Thai Ivory Cuisine? Remember Peng’s? It is now East Foodies. 

This sign just went up so I have no idea if it’s new ownership/menu. Can anyone fill us in?


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  1. Via their Facebook page Saturday Night

    We would like to notify you that new ownership starts on Sunday, May 18, 2014. The new restaurant is named EAST FOODIES at the same location. Welcome to try the new cuisines! New menu is attached.

    We want to thank you all for your past business with Peng’s Chop Suey. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you as our customers!

    Manager: John Peng

    Ate there last night they raised prices at least 3 dollars on everything cut portion sizes and had ONE employee working on victoria day supper. Thats kitchen dining room cash and phones. Took over an hour for a single order people were not impressed and walking out and the food was low quality. Peng’s was the best and had built up a nice customer base. Everyone that was there yesterday was regulars that will not be back East Foodies will go under in months at this rate

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