Yesterday, I recieved a few messages (and pics) from angry residents about a sign that was placed next to one Midday Bistro had up. A pizza and garlic fingers sale….no biggie for Sackville – right? Clearly a small, new local biz can’t get into a price war with Sobeys – at least not for an extended period of time, if at all. 
I have a question or two that I think are legit: Do you think this looks good for Sobeys to directly go after a little guy like this? Is it really necessary?
This is pure capitalism right here, no doubt about it. Do you think the angry Emails I got to post about this were out of line or justified?

Maybe we should all try both deals and let the pizza and garlic fingers speak for themselves!



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  1. Sarah P says:

    Its up to the locals…if you want to make a giant richer go to Sobeys. If you like giving the little guy a chance go to the Bistro. 5 bucks can change one store, but it will mean nothing to the big guy.

  2. JG says:

    If this Midday place is any good at all then they have nothing to worry about….Everyone knows that Sobeys pizza/gf are terrrrrible

  3. Ian Goodwin says:

    How about you just buy the pizza you like better and not give a shit about price wars?

    • Nielsen says:

      I hear ya. The target here is the students and I think price will play a huge part in the decision. Myself and many others – not so much.

  4. Roy LeBlanc says:

    Hey, This is what the so called free market is all about. We can choose where we want to spend our hard earned cash and the biz should be allowed to advertise as they see fit.

  5. Disgruntled already at Sobeys says:

    I have always always had a bad taste in my mouth for Sobeys. And now this???!?! Aw hell no! Sobeys should NOT be going after the little guys. Bad. Bad Sobeys. Tsk tsk.

  6. susan says:

    Sobeys is a huge company,Sobey,s corporate knows nothing about this sign,it would be the individual management at that particular Sobeys responsible.

  7. Alex McConnachie says:

    This is out to lunch. A small business is trying to make its way. Their overhead is way more of an impact on their price then Sobeys who OWNS their property and can sell product at a loss as they are a giant and have way more product areas they can make up for that loss from. They should work WITH the Biestro rather then against it. If they were to work with them, it would benefit both. The Biestro can sell its pizza, and Sobeys will make money from grocery product the Biestro buys from them to make said pizza and others. I imagine any business this Biestro was giving to Sobeys has dried up now and will likely go to Loblaw. Was it really worth it Sobeys? Anger the public, lose business, and try to put down the little guy. I have a feeling some manager at this particular Sobeys woke up one morning and said, “We can make millions on pizza if we squash this Biestro, herp de derp…” Shame… As for the Biestro, proof is in the pudding. Your good food is worth the price difference and the fact I get personal service there, and a good chat with every visit. Keep on keeping on!

  8. Krystal says:

    I agree that Sobeys Pizzas are disgusting.! Midday has a good business and has been getting a buzz about how great they taste. I guess Sobeys must be hearing the same buzz. Unfortuanately, with disgusting pizza I hope it doesn’t work. Support the small buisness and not Sobeys it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

  9. Russell says:

    I doubt Middday will see any loss of business. Everyone with taste buds knows grocery store pizza is garbage and only worth eating when it is on sale AND marked down 50% at the end of the day…even then, its debatable.

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