Yesterday, I posted about a local single mom who has fallen on hard times because of illness and other events and is now reaching out to the community for help. (Check link below pic)


I recieved this message from a local young man who saw the post:


“Me and my friend Wahab are trying to start a company called Invasion Retail and entertainment. We decided we want to start giving back to people in our community and about a week ago we heard about Kim McCarthy. We went to meet her and she explained what she’s been going through over the last couple years. We told her we’d do anything we could to help her out and a couple days later her brakes went in her van. She has to drive to doctors appointments and drive her kid to school. Her medical is barely paying for rent so she couldn’t afford to fix. Me and Wahab decided to step in and help her out. We bought her all new front brakes and got our friend Nick McDonald to install them free of charge. We talked to Mr. Lube and they gave her a certificate for a free oil change and SportsWheels donated a new bike for her daughter so in this dark time she can still have some fun. I feel like if people read about this it may encourage people to help her out or even give back to people around our community who are going through hard times. If a 19 and 20 year old can put this together in a couple days then anybody can help. Thanks for reading this Jeff and hopefully you post a small story on your website.”

-Nick Ladouceur

Wow!  This is a pretty cool thing for these fellas and the local businesses to do!

    ******Proud Sacktown moment!***

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