This (Sackvillians involved with setting it up with Hali peeps) looks like it would be some fun! All classic shooters. Thanks to @Serraxor for letting me know about it!
If interested, check out the Fbook link to the event below:



The Maritime SDF has been tracking another wave of deadly invaders making headway for the Halifax Region! IT’S TIME TO SHOOT ‘EM UP!!


– ReDUX: Dark Matters (Dreamcast)
– DUX 1.5 (Dreamcast)
– Pink Bullets: Last Hope (Dreamcast)
– Fast Striker 1.5 (Dreamcast)
– Gunlord (Dreamcast)
– Neo-XYX (Dreamcast)
– Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst (Xbox 360)
– GeSen Love ~Plus Pengo!~ (Xbox 360)
– Cosmo Gang: The Video (SFC)
– Score Rush (XBLIG)

– Aero Blasters (TG16)
– Pop’n Twinbee (SFC)
– Xona Mystery title? 
– Local indies?

DUX 1.5 Collector’s Edition (Dreamcast)
DUX 1.0 Reprint Edition (Dreamcast, x3)
Pink Bullets: Last Hope (Dreamcast)
Where the Air is Thin (digital album) by Ser Flash

… and possibly more to come!

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