Unreal. Share this around, folks.


“Linda D Hefler
ok everyone in Sackville. Please repost this. See this van. It is carrying 18 16ft lengths of 2×10’s that the Acadia Park uses to put up the rink in the winter. They stole these boards from us on the night of Sept 29 around 9pm. We have them on video driving in and driving out but cannot make out the license plate. if you see anyone with 2×10 full of drilled holes as they were ready to set up the rink, please let the RCMP know. We are a small group operating the park. We are trying very hard to build and maintain this community park for the community. When people steal from us or vandalize the property we have no extra money to replace these items. No Boards – No Rink for 2014/15.”

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Just a goofball from Sack-Vegas!

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  1. I will Donate the stolen wood for you. Please contact my office. 406-3395

  2. Blair (expat) Coffin says:

    Some people are dispicable, seriously, I hope the RCMP track this person down and see if a few dollars in lumber is worth a criminal record for theft!

    Hats off to Castone Construction for stepping up to support the community!

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