Pic from Victor Goguen – Thanks!

Hey, check it out! This should put a few smiles back on some faces. That pic of the van leaving with the lumber reached tens of thousands through social media. I wonder how this all played out? What’s with the donation? Hmmm. I’ll try to get more deets.
Most importantly, our rink is a go and Payzants and others willing to chip in don’t have to do so after all. A great job by our online community was done to share that pic around and I hope it played a part here:)

Great news!




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  1. Kelly says:

    I read about this yesterday, but I can’t recall where. Linda found an envelope in the mailbox at the hall with “Apology” written on the front. Inside was a written apology, and $100 from the thief! An interesting turn of events, and I’m thrilled it’s been returned. A nice gesture, but I don’t thinkthis absolves the perpetrator.

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