This is our new animatronic Christmas tree:


YouTube vid of one of these trees:

He cost 25 K and there seems to be a bit of an uproar over it. Check out this article in The Coast where Councillor Johns talks about the whole thing:

So, what do you all think?

I have read a lot of comments today, mostly negative, from the usual “hate everything/tax watcher”crowd.

. *MEH*

So much money is blown around here (Looking at you, Nova Centre and Bluenose II money pits) that 25 K is basically peanuts. I think there is an opportunity for this to benefit the community and I’ll explain below. Some valid concerns are brought up but it’s mostly just predictable noise.

I did see a question about why it’s in Councillor Craig’s district if it was bought with Councillor John’s discretionary spending money – that’s a valid concern for the people in Brad’s district and should be brought up, IMO.

Here’s something to think about:

What if this thing draws people in and toys and food are donated to the needy? What if it pulled in 5 K worth over 5 years? Is it still a waste of money?

What if people pop down from outside Sackville with the kiddos to have a visit and grab lunch at a local restaurant? Hmmm…

Maybe I’m nuts.

I agree, on the surface this looks like a lot of loot to spend on a ,um, robot tree but it think, as a community, we can easily have this thing pay for itself many times over.

See you all down there with a toy and food donation. Send me pics!

Note: I also think it should be available to rent for dances and parties and it should be able to swear while there. Hehe

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  1. Isn’t this woody from mic Mac mall? Why did it cost so much? I could make a giant christmas tree that annoys people for hundreds of dollars less

  2. Kathy Janes says:

    Glad that “Woody” is coming to Sackville. Yes it may seem like a lot of money but I know some kids when they were young couldn’t wait to see the talking Christmas Tree and were sad when he wasn’t around any more. Something special for Sackville.

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