There are three camps here:
1 Hell yes, we had one!
2 Not sure.
3 Hell no, we did not!

I fall into category 2.

I posted about this a couple years back and several people said it was set up at the old Pizza Jo spot, which currently houses Cash Traders.


Pic from

Soooo…. Which is it? Does anyone have pics? Documentation? A good story?

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  1. Margaret says:

    Number 3 from me.

  2. Barry says:

    1 didn’t last very long, but we had one and it was at the Pizza Joe location.

  3. Heather Clarke says:

    Yup, we had one around 1981 in the old Pizza Jo location. My mother used to go and order all the kids lunches on Friday . Then we’d walk over from Acadia school and have our fried chicken .- Heather Clarke

  4. Liz says:

    I’ve been here in Sackville since 1972 and I can unequivocally say the WE DID have a Lik-A-Chick! I was in grade 7 at Sackville Heights Junior High so you can imagine all the comments about this restaurant at school! The boys thought it hilarious to loudly announce that they were going to “Lik-A-Chick for supper”. I’m almost positive it opened in 1973. I think it only lasted a year or two before they closed and Pizza Jo opened.

  5. Steve says:

    definitely did indeed, Barry is bang on

  6. Joseph says:

    It originated in Bras D’or area of Cape Breton and opened while I attended Sydney Academy and also opened a few locations on the mainland.. Since I graduated in 1972 I think Liz is pretty close with the date. Also believe there was a Halifax location…. possibly Quinpool Rd.or Spring Garden.

  7. Ross Haynes says:

    Ooo! A & K was founded just outside Sydney in CB. You could not miss A & K as you drove on the old Trans Can into Sydney. They did a franchise deal with Halifax based businessmen and 2 opened. One in Halifax on Young Street near Agricola and the other in Lwr Sackville. The photo above is, I recall from the CB location. It had some notoriety and actually made it to a an odd names joke play-on-words in PlayBoy magazine in the 70’s. All in all a funny memory of a business on the verge of greatness with really great tasty chicken but the name just was a burden. The franchises folded and the CB founding operation continued for some time.
    Ross Haynes

    • Nathan Burns says:

      The original is still going strong although the Cheticamp branch switched to Mr. Chicken some time ago

  8. lori longley says:

    Yep, orange at the time but definately there was a Lick -a-Chick.

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